The Expert

Magic download (ebook) by Michal Kociolek
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The Expert

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Magic download (ebook) by Michal Kociolek (12.00)

A spectator names any number of hands, any rank of poker hand he wants, and which player will get the named hand. The performer states that he will deal the best hand of the chosen rank, and he fulfills the spectator’s request. Everything from a genuinely shuffled deck. No palms, no magnets. Just good old, gluten-free card sharping.

This is one of many effects that can be performed after reading "The Expert".

This 64-page ebook covers the history of the Any Poker Hand Called For plot, Michal's modified version of the stack and how to quickly and invisibly set it up from a shuffled deck. Also, you will learn two tricks that utilize the stack's potential in it's fullest:

"Odds" — Locate and shuffle the necessary cards to match an unknown selection, creating a chosen hand of poker. All done while being blindfolded. Everything done from a shuffled deck.

"The Wisdom of Crowds" — This one is something special. Four audience members cut to four random cards, which, along with a previously selected card, create the freely thought of poker hand. The great thing is that only after the cards are cut to, the thought of hand is named! Again, you can do this from a shuffled deck.

Even though Michal's previous work required intermediate-level sleights, here, the impossible gambling effects are in reach of everyone!

"This manuscript shows great depth of study and thinking. The routine is very impressive and will convince your audience you can do anything with a deck of cards." Michael Vincent
“Reignited my excitement for the Any Poker Hand Called For plot. "The Wisdom of Crowds" will give your audiences a gift of a true mystery. Can’t wait to perform it.” John Born
"Michal Kociolek’s “The Expert” will leave your audience convinced that they’ve just witnessed the slickest and most dangerous card cheat ever in action -- and they won’t forget it!" Jack Carpenter
"The Any Poker Hand Called For is the holy grail in gambling routines. Unfortunately it usually requires difficult sleight of hand to pull off. But not anymore! Michal has streamlined the setup and handling and came up with a routine that makes you look like the worlds greatest cheat without any of the hard work!" Ben Train
"If you do ANY kind of card table work or gambling-related material then you need to read Michael's 'The Expert' eBook. And if you don't have much interest in that kind of material - you STILL need to read it! That's because it contains the fabulous 'Wisdom of Crowds', a trick which should be in the repertoire of any magician who ever picks up a deck of cards. Highly recommended." Mark Elsdon.

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The Expert is the book, which shows the best ideas written by Michael. I did not know about the book, which will solve a lot of problems which I have during my journey with the cards. The book Is definitely must read and must have - in your library.


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