The Memory Arts - Aronson Edition

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The Memory Arts - Aronson Edition

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Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman ($25.00)

Learn the Aronson Stack in a day! A few months ago we acquired Sarah and David Trustman's unusual, wonderful "memory" book. As experts in the field of mnemonics and memory, they developed a picture-based system to memorize The Tamariz stack of cards quickly, and retain it for life. It sold extremely well, and we received raves from our customers. Still...a huge segment of magicians desires ARONSON stack...and so they're back with a system JUST for you.

After some fascinating background on how they developed their system and how it works, you flip through a series of images, each one more outrageous than the last. These images help you REMEMBER, in sequence and then individually, every card in Aronson stack. It's a gorgeous, helpful shortcut to one of the greatest tools in card magic.

'The Memory Arts' by Sarah and David Trustman a fantastic read. It is indeed one of the best books on memory and beyond. The book is a great tool to better your skills and talents. I highly recommend it.Uri Geller
The memory arts book is the easiest and fastest way to learn mnemonica! Flash cards, songs, and rote memory weren't sticking. In one day I read this book and learned the whole stack. Makes me feel foolish wasting all that time trying to learn it any other way. Daryl Williams
The Memory Arts is worth your time and attention. It is full of useful tools and systems that are both flexible and practical. You should read this, apply this and enjoy this.Chris Rawlins
The Memory Arts is a valueable asset for anyone wishing to learn about the ancient art of memory techniques. It will prove to be of intense interest to those who have tried and failed to memorise a deck of playing cards; with its interactive approach to teaching a memorised deck in lightening speed. For the student looking to deepen their ability with memory, this will be a hugely valuable addition to their libraryLuke Jermay

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    Ron asks: Does this book have routines using the Aronson stack? If not, what would you recommend?

    • 1. Dottore answers: This book does not have routines at all. It teaches you a method to memorize the deck's order.
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I've only had the book a few days, but have already memorized the first 20 cards in the stack. The process has been easier and more fun than I expected. I'm working on it when I have a few minutes at a time, and reviewing the stack mentally when I'm waiting for an appointment to start, or doing other things.

I would consider myself to have a poor memory. I have always been scared off by memorized deck effects, but now am sure that I'll be able to learn the stack well enough to try some of them. I just purchased "Bound to Please" and am looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice.

I want to take exception to what a reviewer stated about the other memory arts book. He was dissatisfied with there only being 26 location images on the path. I think this is more an indication of him not understanding the method, than any flaw with the book. It is much easier to only have to remember 26 path locations, each of which can hold information about 2 cards, than having to learn 52 of them! And having two cards per path locations, makes it easier to remember both of them. It's also faster to only have to mentally review 26 locations when you want to know the stack number of a specific card.

If you are considering this book, I'd recommend you buy it. The time you spend learning the stack, will also be teaching you a very useful memorization tool that can be used for other things. Plus I now know that I have a better memory than I thought.



A few years ago I tried to memorize Tamariz’ stack, but I couldn’t, I tried the mnemonics that Tamariz taught but didn’t work for me, I only memorized 20 cards and the I forgot them, but with this system I already memorized the Aronson stack! It’s very useful not only for memorizing cards but for anything else you can think of. Amazing work! It’s not difficult. You will not find magic in this download, just a very powerful and useful system for memorizing the Aronson stack.



Diving into the realm of "Memdeck Work"? This is a great visual / mental way to learn a stack. They have a version of this e-book for a few different stacks now and "I would imagine" (just a guess) the books are all the same as far as the "Memory Path" with the "Items / figures" you remember for each card being placed in their respective position of the given stack.

All in all, it is a cartoonish / graphic novel feel that was fun to read as well as learn. It is a great way to remember any number of things beyond just a card stack that you can put to use in other aspects of your life. That aside, It makes learning the stack fun and that is probably half the battle.

Another nice aspect of it is, it does not interfere with other methods you may have already tried or are still using such as flashcards or stack memory apps for your phone/tablet/PC...

For me the important parts are... It works and I enjoy reading / using it.



As one who has had sone difficulty commiting the Aronson stack to memory, I was excited to try this mnemonic scheme. However, I found the idea very contrived and not st all intuitive or useful for me. I really wanted this to work and to be a useful product, but I cannot suggest you buy it.

The Memory Arts - Aronson Edition by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman