The Strike Locked Double System

Magic download (video) by John K. Redmon
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The Strike Locked Double System

30.00 usd

Magic download (video) by John K. Redmon ($30.00)

This isn't a quick trick or a fancy sleight. It's a comprehensive evaluation and deconstruction of the most ubiquitous sleight in conjuring.

Dr. J. Kirkland Redmon has finally released his original Strike Locked Doubles System for the first time to the magic community - a system he has used for over thirty years to create invisible strike double lifts.

Imagine executing a strike or hit double lift with no get-ready, no little finger breaks, no pinky counting, and above all, no need to create a midsection moment to cover the work. Strike Locked Doubles are burnable and performed directly in front of the audience.

In his 2 Hour explanation, John will teach you practical handlings of the Strike Locked Double, along with turnovers and displays, switches and unloads, and utility moves that will give you the ability to create an enormous number of double lift sequences.

Here are what some well known card magic experts have to say about Strike Locked Doubles:

"Dr. J. Kirkland Redmon’s 'Strike Locked Double Principle' is as utilitarian as it is impressive- time spent mastering the technique will reward you a hundred fold!" - Jack Carpenter

"You’ve created a double lift that doesn’t look like a double lift." - Jerry Andrus

"The double lift is no small thing, especially in the hands of J. Kirkland Redmon. His technique for the Strike Lock Double is an invaluable addition to the art of the double lift. I found the potential applications of the “Locking System” to be of the highest interest." - Steve Ehlers

"This work on Strike Double Lifts is both invisible and undetectable to the audience." -Jon Racherbaumer


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Customer reviews for The Strike Locked Double System



I got this download after trying several different variations of the double lift and been unhappy with how they were performed.

I didn't like the get ready and holding a break I found this pointless and unneeded extra work.

After watching this video the strike double lift is now my go to for any situation, it is so easy to perform, no get ready needed and looks amazing if executed correctly.

The video covers everything in great details and is on for a while. For anybody wanting to work on their double life I would highly recommend trying out this system.

Great for beginners also if they are willing to put the time in to learn correctly



This is not the intro video, but shows the brilliance behind John’s Strike Locked Double System.

In only minutes, the basic handling is easy assuming you have already spent some time failing to get a Double Lift working consistently. See intro video for that basic handling, part of the overall set of downloads for the 1 single price.

This video segment takes the basic system and applies it to several popular Double Lift types you may have already seen, such as the Dai Vernon Double Lift. That’s not the best example, as many don’t use this old style, but it shows the versatility of the method.

It is amazing that one system can be used with slight variation only, to simulate several methods. This also includes the rotational Double Lift credited to Martin Nash, although I have a written source “ACAAN Craft” that predates Nash for the method. Regardless, the new handling is easier, avoiding the hesitation natural when learning to grip the Double in the traditional way used (no traditional Get Ready).

John’s system also uses no traditional Get Ready but for me, after only a couple of hours or less, versus dozens or hundreds, is easier, as well as having the obvious benefit of starting almost immediately.

The thumb placement for the Get Ready was awkward to begin with (see 1st video segment of product), but fairly natural after minutes only. Sorry I didn’t spend more time with it when first purchasing the download. Now this product is my go-to for Double Lifts.

There is also a nice inclusion that shows the most basic Double Lift for the system used to get a Double from a packet. This is ideal for a Chicago Opener setting where you handle several cards but if not an expert getting the break and flipping, while holding many cards, can be dodgy. I will enjoy working on this.

The item has a few downloads. The system is solid enough in itself for the price, but the extra downloads, especially these, showing how to simulate other Double Lifts, is invaluable.

The premise for being able to do a few types of the basic move is that the Double Lift is context sensitive, ie, should depend on what trick type, whether action is ta-da moment or just casual (eg casual, non-flourish better to convince spectator her card is not on top before spiriting it away, ta-da to reveal signed card in ambitious card apparently on top).

Brilliant creator and good card performer too. Must-have for anyone serious about Double Lifts, even if only a beginner wanting one... for the moment.



This comes with four separate videos, two hours play time, they are all good quality productions.
Although the moves don't take long to learn, it is as important to understand when to use them, which is explained in detail on videos 1&4.
if you like to do double lifts, then these are worth understanding & learning.

The Strike Locked Double System by John K. Redmon