The Vault - Mexican Turnover: Reborn

Magic download (video) by Jafo
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The Vault - Mexican Turnover: Reborn

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Magic download (video) by Jafo (14.00)

Think you know the Mexican Turnover? Get ready to fall in love with it all over again!

With the Mexican Turnover: Reborn, Jafo will help you develop a whole new perspective and passion for this insanely versatile move.

You'll gain instant access to an exceptional 20-page eBook and more than 10 accompanying videos presenting the Mexican Turnover with an amazing modernized approach. You'll also discover 3 very unique applications that will make you want to find ways to add the Mexican Turnover into all of your card tricks.

Download and start learning today!

"The Siesta Control is so causal and fair that it's sure to fool anyone. It's been one of my favorite controls for the last few years. What Jafo is offering here is excellent. His study and teaching of the move is both thorough and valuable." Brent Braun, The Magic Firm

"Jafo does an excellent job in explaining this! This move is so so so deceptive. I can't wait to have it fully down so that I can add it into my routines! One of the best purchases I have made in awhile!" Patrick Adams

"First, just a quality produced product. Excellent video. His descriptions are the best ever. You can do what he says and the effect actually happens! Literally fooled myself a couple of times! Fabulous!" Marcus Duke


Customer reviews for The Vault - Mexican Turnover: Reborn





I've been utilizing this move poorly for a little while now and was pretty excited to see some in depth thought on it. The PDF is enough for me but it's cool to have the videos attached as well so you can see how convincing the move really is when performed well. I highly recommend this if you want to add another move to your arsenal.



Okay, so you want to learn a move in lockdown while sheltering in place? Want instructional material so easy to digest a five year old can learn it?

This is your chance. And I know a five year old can learn it because my five year old son can do a Mexican Turnover thanks to this project.

Jafo is a masterful teacher. By the end of this project you’ll do a MT in your sleep. The Siesta Control is worth the price of the project but you will grow so much more as a card worker from all the time Jafo put into this piece.

I can’t recommend it enough.



i love this bringing an old principle back to life with new ideas. making this a modern miracle.



I am not a card guy but I do play around with cards every once in a while. I have always enjoyed the Mexican Turnover and sometimes just practice it when I travel since it only requires a few cards.

After watching Jafo's video I have an even better understanding of the move and The Mexican Tuuuurnover has made me want to learn an effect so that I can use it.

This is a great video.

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Jafo is not only an amazing performer but is also an amazing teacher! He goes into great detail explaining what you need to do to perform this amazing move. This move has many different applications and Jafo goes into every detail. 5 stars easily and one of the best downloads I have ever purchased. Do yourself a favor and get this!



Being new to the move, I found Jafo's Lecture notes and videos an excellent source to learn it. It was well worth the money.



An ebook and videos on one move?

Yes! After you see what Jafo has done with this one move you will begin to see you your own card magic in a new light. You will begin to see ways that you can improve your existing magic as well as inject new life and new tricks into your own repertoire. This is the best kind of magic. Jafo breathes life into something you thought you'd never use again.... and it turns into something you cannot do without.



We all forgot or discounted this "old" move. Jafo has given it NEW LIFE and you are guaranteed to feel like you gained valuable insight after viewing the videos. The original manuscript was excellent, and illustrates some very nice subtleties, but the videos are the BRONZE upgrade for the package.



Jafo is a master of this move and gives the student some incredible food for thought on its execution. Excellent purchase.


Professional Review The Vault - Mexican Turnover: Reborn

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  • Howard asks: How long is the video download? Thanks!

    • 1. Jason answers: There are a total of 11 video modules. Each one is a few minutes long (between 2 to 5). Each module accompanies the text in the eBook.
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  • Alan asks: Is this download completely about using the move or are there tricks included ?

    • 1. Gregg answers: As fas as I know, there is no tricks or routine included
    • 2. Jason answers: There are two descriptions of the move: basic and advanced. You'll learn a control that uses MT called the Siesta Control. You'll also learn a clever sequence that involves the Mental Photography deck (it's not a complete routine. But you can find a place for it in your current routine - or build one around it like I did.) Plus you'll learn one full routine called the Mexican Tuuuurnover. I hope that clarifies.
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