Two False Shuffles and a Cut

Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral
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Two False Shuffles and a Cut

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Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral ($8.40)

Sit down at the card table with Elliott Terral, as he demonstrates and elucidates the finer points of two very convincing versions of the push-through shuffle and one of Dai Vernon's methods for making a blind cut of the cards. Having a few false shuffles under your belt will give you the confidence to perform a more formal set and give more structural power to your routines.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Two False Shuffles and a Cut



I favor card magic, so it's always great to have some false shuffles and false cuts in the bag. The more the better for variety. Especially if you like working with effects that require a top stock or a full deck setup, like Sam The Bellhop. Boy, he is the best! Great download, thanks!



Nice teaching!



These false shuffles and cuts look amazing. Their appearance when executed looks natural, like you are actually shuffling and cutting cards. They aren't 'flashy' to the point of raising suspicion, but add an elegance to your handling. Spectators will naturally assume everything is on the level when seeing these. sleights. Adding these to your card routine will enhance your style and performance, but I think the key is how natural these look. Also, there is no limit. Add other false cuts that you use after these shuffles/cuts and mix up what the spectator is seeing. These are excellent in my opinion, and anyone doing tabled card magic should learn and utilize these.



Very smooth and professional looking. All while maintaining a casual demeanor that doesn't scream "I'M DOING SOMETHING STRANGE-LOOKING". It's always nice to pick up new sleights, or slight adjustments to sleights you already know, that can really help the forever-lasting goal of having a close-to-perfect looking false shuffle and cut sequence. My only wish is that the instructions in the video also showed, at the same slow pace with directions, what the shuffle and cut sequences looked liked from a front/audience angle.

Still, very-well done!




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