Magic download (video) by Darryl Davis, Daryl Williams and The Other Brothers
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Magic download (video) by Darryl Davis, Daryl Williams and The Other Brothers ($12.00)

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Some effects have a fun quality about them, where the actions of the trick are just weird enough, just unexpected enough, to intrigue everyone watching. "Uno" is just this type of card trick.

It happens like this: A thoroughly shuffled deck is eliminated down to just a few cards. Three spectators help create three random numbers. You, the magician, prove that you know the EXACT total determined by the spectators, and you even predict which cards each spectator selected. To understand how impossibly fair this is, you absolutely must watch the trailer above.

Not a single sleight is needed in this effect, and the 'Other Brothers' teach you how to perform every facet of "Uno" in just the right amount of detail. 

The 'Other Brothers' have a unique style which we have fallen in love with. Their effects are designed to entertain the audiences that you, and we, perform for on a day to day basis. Their thinking is clever, and novel and we know that you are going to love "Uno."

Running Time: 23 mins, 30 seconds


Customer reviews for Uno



WOW! Uno is fantastic! Very well thought out, easy to do, the prediction builds beautifully! Really great work guys!



What a wonderfully thought out routine! This is going right into my set!



When I read the advert I didn't believe that there was no sleight of hand but it's 100% true. This for the most part is self working and very well thought out. I can easily see me doing this in my walk around set or on stage!



Even if you're a talentless hack like me, you can make this trick work.. Helpful if you can count to 5 (I sometimes need to look at my fingers)... Brilliant, great setup and the card crease technique is worth the cost of the trick.. Vanishing and the Other Brothers come through again!



"Uno" is a great prediction trick that requires no sleight of hand. Everything is set up before the trick even starts. The spectators can freely choose their suit, which adds a lot to the impossibility of the prediction. Everything you need to know is covered in the tutorial.
It's a fun prediction trick that can be done between card tricks and is for sure a good way to get great reactions while training your audience management.



With a little bit of setup, this trick could really amaze someone. Not only does the prediction include the number they arrived at, but the order of the card suits. The fact that the prediction can always predict the sum total and the order of the card suits can really be magical. And it is not too hard for beginning magicians as there is no knuckle busting moves. This would be a good segement of magic and mysticism to put in an act.


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