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Magic download (video) by Lance Pierce ($7.00)

A remarkable transformation of a playing card unlike any other. Taking place away from the deck, WeFlex is a single-card color change. It all happens at the fingertips, so it's all very open. With apparently just the flexing of a card back and forth, it changes right before your eyes.

WeFlex is as beautiful as it is graceful and in our opinion, is one of the most elegant and magical color change ever created.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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It's been a long time since I last purchased a streaming tutorial from D&D. I've wanted something more magical to learn and perform.

When WeFlex released, I purchase it without waiting any review or comment. I know this is the sleight that I want to learn, to upgrade my color change skill.

After watching the explanation I find out it is very difficult. But this is the fun in learning sleight of hand magic, right? When I successfully master it , I know it will look like real magic.



Very nice effect, really amazed when I see the performance.

The change can be done with quite a large angle and I'm working on multiple changes with this. The explanation is short so you should watch closely to understand the placement for every finger, which is crucial to have a nice and smooth movement during the change. The change is also awesome when seen at an exposed angle.

Finally, very nice ambigram logo of the creator!



Great color change, though advanced it shouldnt be to difficult to get that hang of. Though not angle proof you still should have no trouble pulling of this sleight infront of small groups of people. It looks very magical and is fun to do as well, I would definitely recommend this if you are a fan of clor changes I can think of so many great applications of a change away fom the deck :)



This is an amazing color change and I highly recommend buying it!

I will say that it's a very clever idea and very hard and easy at the same time.

I mean that the moves it self are not difficult, but to get them down smoothly and also know your angles is very difficult!

But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't by it, no no. It means that you definitely SHOULD buy it, because it will make you think outside the box in many ways!

So add to cart, and start practicing!

PS: heasy = hard + easy



I love how impossible this looks. Just a little tough to pull off as fluidly as you see on the trailer, but I've been working on it and progress is definitely being made. This color change is a must for any serious card worker. Use it when the angles are working with you.



WeFlex is a very unusual color change that's fun to do once you get the hang of it! Very out of the box thinking, love it.



I love this color change and use it all the time. It is not angle proof but its easy to get right after practice in the mirror. This isn't the easiest to pull off smoothly and will take some time, but I highly recommend this to any card worker.



I know Lance Pierce from his Triple Change which is as good as this but when I perform it to my friends, they totally freak out. They want me to do it again and it's also a great way to start the Ambitious Card. I can't imagine the possibilities of using this amazing color change. Thanks to D&D and Lance Pierce. Great job, you should definitely buy this!



This is a great color change, but very hard. I found that after a few day's practice I actually mastered the move itself, but I don't know if I personally will ever perfect the angles.

It's a pretty hard one, but super worth it if you can pull it off!



Meh. The trailer leaves with the impression that the preparation doesn't take long - it's too much process and too bad angles to be a great change. The teaching is sub par as well - needs a lot of rewatching to actually understand what's going on.

WeFlex by Lance Pierce