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Above the Fold - magic

From the foreword by Daniel Garcia: "Some of the most clever, modern card thinking I have ever seen."

Published by Vanishing Inc. Magic, Above the Fold is the debut collection from one of magic’s most exciting new talents: Rich Aviles. In this intelligent, praiseworthy collection of card and close-up material, Aviles details thirteen effects and seven moves, each one explained with equal parts clarity and wit.

We have had enormous success with publishing SMALL BUT POTENT magic books—we like to present only the strongest material of a clever magic thinker. Every single trick is worth reading, practicing, and performing. Here are some highlights:

Fax Machine: A card animates, moving on its own power, and changes into another card as it moves through the deck. It’s kind of like an ungimmicked rising card effect ex- cept... a card doesn’t rise.

Ballerina Change: With a flourish, the top card is extended away from the deck. A wave of the hand and it changes into a different card. It only lasts a couple seconds, though, until it visibly changes back to the first card without any cover.

Pocket Protectors: This trick is extremely rare in that it will completely fool magician audiences and entertain non-magicians! This is the best trick construction we've seen in a long time!

Bystander: Adhering to the strict rules of the International Brotherhood of Magic People, the magician is forced to take a break from performing. In the meantime, the deck is handed over to a spectator who unwittingly does the impossible. The magician then discloses that he predicted the spectator’s every move.

"Above the Fold is refreshing—a collection that demonstrates real ingenuity and a DIFFERENT approach to card magic. I enjoyed every page and trick." —Joshua Jay

"I've known Rich and his work for years, and am so pleased he is finally releasing his material. Everyone is going to love Above the Fold." —Joel Givens

Full contents:

Moves: 1. Fax Machine, 2. Comic Change, 3. Riffle Revolve, 4. Ballerina Change, 5. Replica Control, 6. Vanilla Extract, 7. Razor Burn Switch.

Effects: 1. Pocket Protectors, 2. Oops, I Did It Again, 3. Middle Man, 4. Bystander, 5. Subwich, 6. Speedo, 7. 2 Legit, 8. Big Black Arrow, 9. Two Wrongs, 10. Asher Twitch, 11. Troubleshooting: The Forgotten Card, 12. Troubleshooting: An Ending For Torn & Restored Card 

Super Awesome Mega Bonus: Diy Fire Wallet

74 pages, softbound including full-color extracts.

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Customer reviews for Above the Fold



One word: AMAZING.

There are so many great things in this book. From color changes (like the Fax Machine Change, which completely fooled me when I saw it performed) to sandwich effects (like Bystander, which is an ABSOLUTE killer routine) to fun routines (like Middle Man, which has a completely unexpected ending) and a humorous DIY Fire Wallet (people cannot stop laughing after they see it), there is NO reason why you should not purchase this. 10/10

Ben Goldfein



Highly recommend you check this out, contains strong routines you can comfortably perform.



Rich Aviles' material is clear, thought out and fun. It's the kind of magic that you can actually add to your repertoire. I'm not a big fan of this modern craze of just creating variants of tricks for the sake of it and it seems that nor is Rich Aviles. His stuff is a little quirky, but very well worked out. These are (for the most part) tricks that I can actually see myself doing at walkaround shows and the like.

He seems to be heavily inspired by Jack Parker's magic and that's good enough reason alone for picking up this book.

Five stars!




I honestly wish that I could give it more than five stars.

Every single trick, technique, and sleight that is taught in this book is absolutely amazing and will give you something to enjoy for a very long time.

These aren't just your average pretty good card tricks... they are way, way more than that.

Personally, my favorite routine in the book is Asher Twitch (Rich's version of Lee Asher's Asher Twist). The only thing I will say about this effect is that it is my "thousand timer". I perform it for literally anyone and everyone that I meet, and they all thoroughly enjoy it.

My highest recommendation.