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Trick by Skymember Presents and Ryan Goh ($29.95)

Possibly discontinued.
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Anarchy - magic
Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy

After years in the making, it has finally arrived!

We are proud to introduce to you the fairest and strongest Triumph yet based on the works of Jon Racherbaumer - Anarchy: created by Ryan Goh, a rising star from Singapore.

Imagine this:

The audience FREELY selects a card, remembers it and signs it, then places it back into the deck. The deck is then clearly shown to be shuffled into a complete mess, face up into face down. At the snap of your fingers, you are able to instantly turn every single card face down except for their selection, leaving it to be the only face-up card in the entire deck. Just when they think the effect is over, with NO EXTRA MOVEMENT, you turn over the deck and reveal that the entire deck has been restored to new deck order. As a final kicker, their selection is restored to its EXACT location in new deck order.

Unlike existing triumph effects, Anarchy allows you to show both the front AND the back of the deck throughout the trick, from beginning to end.

In the instructional video, Ryan also teaches a completely sleight-free variation of the classic Triumph effect, where the restoration of the deck is done during the display of a ribbon spread, visually turning over every face-up card one by one, without squaring the deck.

To ease the workings of the effect and for the best experience of the user, we have also taken the extra efforts to produce Anarchy in premium bee stock and air-cushion finish. In addition, Anarchy is also traditionally cut.

What you will receive?

  • One custom printed Anarchy deck (red only)
  • Approximately 40 minutes of in-depth online instructions by Ryan Goh and Avi Yap
  • One PDF manual

Thoughts from the professional magicians:

"Wow! That was incredible. It fooled me. Thanks for sharing your magic with me."
- Wayne Houchin

"If you're going to use a gaffed deck, it better look innocent and produces a miracle moment. Anarchy does exactly that - and you get all the credit!"
- Gregory Wilson

"This trick is going to BLOW your audience's minds!!!"
- Harapan Ong


Community questions about Anarchy

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  • Mr. asks: Is this similar to 52 shades of red?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's by no means identical, but there are similar aspects, for sure.
  • Markus asks: Is there a faro shuffle involved?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you want the deck to be displayed in order at the end, yes. If you don't want the "ordered" extra climax, then no faro or sleight is required.
  • Tony asks: How difficult is it to perform Anarchy?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's not involved any difficult sleight ut it's complicated you will need to remember the setup and the construction of the trick.
    • 2. Ryan answers: It is intermediate level. However, there is a 100% completely sleight free variation taught.
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  • Scott asks: Is this bicycle stock?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's bicycle gaff cards
    • 2. Ryan answers: If you're asking about the quality of the cards, they are air cushioned bicycle cards that is made from premium bee stock by USPCC. In addition, it is also traditionally cut.
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  • Yu asks: Can this be done stand up?

    • 1. Ryan answers: Yes! If you can do a fan to show a spread, you can certainly do this standing up/ without a table!
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  • Michael asks: If it is a gaff deck can a card actually be signed without ruining the deck?

    • 1. Tony answers: You can let the spectator sign on the selection for the performance and replace the signed card by the same card in a regular Bicycle deck later
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