Best of All Worlds

Book by Brent Geris and Duppy Demetrius
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Best of All Worlds

52.00 usd

Book by Brent Geris and Duppy Demetrius (52.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.

Paul Curry's Out of This World is, perhaps, the quintessential card trick. It was once voted "The Greatest Card Trick of All Time," and for good reason. Without any sleight-of-hand, a spectator is able to sort out all the cards by color.

It seems nearly every great card magician has a version or handling, and there are countless tips and subtleties to allow the deck to be shuffled, to do it onstage, to have kicker endings, to sort cards into order, and more.

Now, finally, all those tips and handlings are collected in one beautiful book. The Best of All Worlds collects more than thirty routines, but it does much more. It also tracks the creative evolution and theory behind the trick, and helps you assemble a detailed, working knowledge of the methods employed. This in turn will allow you to put together your own "ultimate" version.

With an introduction by Michael Weber and a Foreword by Max Maven, The Best of All Worlds includes handlings by Juan Tamariz, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl, and thirty other luminaries.

Contributions from: Aaron Fisher, Aldo Colombini, Alex Elmsley, Allan Ackerman, Allen Zingg, Arthur Benjamin, Audley Walsh, Barrie Richardson, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl, David Regal, Doc Dixon, Doc Eason, Doug Conn, Ed Marlo, Eugene Burger, Francis Carlyle, Gary Ouellet, Gregory Wilson, Harry Lorayne, Helder Guimarães, Herb Zarrow, Howard Hamburg, J.C. Wagner J.K. Hartman, Jack Parker, James Swain, Jason England, Jay Sankey, Jim Steinmeyer, John Carney, John Scarne, Jon Allen, Jon Armstrong, Joshua Jay, Juan Tamariz, Karl Fulves, Kenton Knepper, Larry Becker, Lee Asher, Luke Jermay, Mark Wilson, Martin Gardner, Martin Nash, Micah Cover, Michael Ammar, Mike Sibbernsen, Norman Beck, Norman Gilbreath, Paul Curry, Paul Green, Peter Duffie, R. Paul Wilson, Rafael Benatar, Richard Busch, Richard Kaufman, Richard Osterlind, Roberto Giobbi, Ron Bauer, Ron Wilson, Roy Walton, Simon Lovell, Stephen Minch, Steve Draun, Steve Spill, Steve Valentine, T.C. Tahoe, Tom Ogden, Tomas Blomberg, Tony Clark, Tony Giorgio, Tony Picasso, U.F. Grant, and Whit Haydn.

"The quintessential reference work for the well stocked magic library, collecting final words on one of the greatest card effects of all time" Michael Ammar

"This book is like visiting the brains of different magicians and seeing how they think." David Regal

"The best go-to book, for the best go-to card trick" Chris Kenner

"Best of All Worlds is a first-class production"Karl Fulves

"A unique collection of what most of us believes to be the best card trick for lay audiences. Well done!" Roberto Giobbi

Pages: 400 - Hardcover - Black and white illustrations


Customer reviews for Best of All Worlds



An out of this world book! The pages with in will gave you an effect for anyplace or anywhere !this timeline classic effective trick have gave much joyful fun when magicians of the world do then in there shows! So why not have a biggest book that have the best beautiful effects form the top minds within magic! All you can say is that is just out of this world!



There is something to be said about an effect that put a World War on hold.

Out of this World is that effect. This book is all about that effect. It gives you the orginal effect. Plus dozens of professional performers versions of this effect. Be it different methods, or presentation ideas.

The only reason I can't give it excellent, is that some of the methods don't constitute as a new methods, just nips and tucks. Other than that, a very good book. It is up there with the bill switch book, 'Switch' by John Lovick


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