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Beyond the Z - magic

"Steve's Bottom-Line is the most significant development to this shuffle since Herb Zarrow created it decades ago." Allan Ackerman

Steve Reynolds is a bone fide master of the Zarrow Shuffle. Even Steve Forte said that his "approach, handling, and timing for the classic Zarrow Shuffle is as good as it gets." Steve has taught his Zarrow Shuffle technique in his Vanishing Inc. download. Once you have mastered Steve's technique, which shuffles do you tackle next? What lies beyond?

This 81 page booklet (filled with 66 sharp black & white photos) is about going beyond the Zarrow, focusing on other false shuffles to take your shuffle work to the next level.

After absorbing basic riffle shuffle handling and grips, you'll learn new false shuffles from Steve, Harapan Ong and Tomas Blomberg and Edward Marlo (including an unpublished Marlo routine). If you are looking at progressing beyond the Zarrow shuffle, this booklet is the one for you.

“The Spread Shuffle Bluff is an advancement in tabled shuffle work that is worthy of much study. Steve’s casual and effortless use of the move makes it a joy to watch.” Brent Braun

Contents of Beyond the Z:

  • Foreword (Tony Cabral)
  • Introduction
  • Get a Grip
  • Covered Classics
  • Stripout Shuffle Variant (Marlo)
  • Push-Through Shuffle Variant (Reynolds)
  • Bottom-Line Tactics
  • Covered-Up Shuffle (Marlo/Reynolds)
  • Spread Covered-Up Shuffles
  • Whispering Joker (Marlo)
  • Blind Shuffles Bluff
  • Blind Bluff Shuffle
  • Bluff Spread Shuffle
  • Backstory
  • Bonus
  • Spae Shuffle (Tomas Blomberg)
  • Zipper Zarrow (Harapan Ong)
  • Marlo’s Bold Triumph (previously unpublished)

Community questions about Beyond the Z

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  • Shane asks: If I don’t know the Zarrow- will this teach it from scratch?

    • 1. Steve answers: Shane, you would learn the Zarrow on the Z. video. Beyond the Z teaches other kinds if false shuffles that use the cover grip from the Z. Having a grounding in the Z. video is a good start.
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  • Michael asks: Any chance that "Beyond the Z" will be released in video format? I hope so. I learn complicated procedures far better by looking at a video than I do by looking at a group/series of still pictures...and then trying to interpolate the minute details in getting from one picture to the next picture in the series. Thanks for the information.

    • 1. Tony answers: I think you should contact Steve Reynolds for this kid of question
    • 2. Steve answers: Tony, perhaps in the future I'll put a video together. Until then, I'm available to answer any specific technical questions.
    • 3. Iain answers: This is now available in video format too!
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  • Brett asks: How about a bundle price with the video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not currently, but we will consider it in the future.
  • Tom asks: I see this referred to as a “booklet” — how many pages are there? And is it well illustrated?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 81 pages with 66 black & white photos—a lot to learn from!
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Customer reviews for Beyond the Z



This is an excellent treatise on false shuffles—well worth your time!



If you read the description above and expected this booklet to offer tips on refining your Zarrow shuffle, you will be disappointed. I overlooked the subtitle — EVERYTHING BUT THE ZARROW. Beyond the Z offers alternatives to the Zarrow, not refinements or improvements.