Big Four Poker

DVD by Big Blind Media and Tom Dobrowolski
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Big Four Poker

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DVD by Big Blind Media and Tom Dobrowolski ($25.00)

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Big Four Poker - magic
Big Four Poker Big Four Poker Big Four Poker Big Four Poker

Tom Dobrowolski's Big Four Poker is an absolute powerhouse of a magic trick. Completely self working, hugely involving for one spectator, a small group or even a full stage performance and ending with a climax that is as hilarious as it is shocking. It packs tiny (just one indestructible plastic credit card sized 'instruction' sheet and a pack of cards) but it plays like a closer!

You offer to teach your audience the fantastic new game of Big Four Poker. A spectator removes 16 cards from a shuffled deck. Under the rules of Big Four Poker the spectator is instructed to shuffle, cut and mix the packet in numerous ways (including mixing face up and face down cards). Unlike any other casino game, the spectator is in charge of all the shuffling and mixing. In fact you (as the magician) stay hands off!

When the spectator is satisfied that the packet is thoroughly mixed they then deal out four hands of poker, one for the house and three for players. They can deal with the packet face up or face down. Their choice. They then choose ANY of the player's hands for themselves. After all of this hands-off behavior you finally step in and reveal that Big Four Poker is a game that you just don't lose, because despite all of the spectator's free actions you somehow always win.

The ending is something no-one will see coming. It's funny. It's fun. And it's the kind of magic trick that makes sure people remember you! Big Four Poker - wanna play?


  • Special 'Poker Rules' Card (printed on credit card sized hard plastic)
  • A6 cardboard 'Poker Rules' Card
  • Mini Magnifying Glass
  • DVD Instructions

You can't go wrong with Tom's, 'Big Four Poker.' Highly commercial and downright 'impossible', this will leave your audience in stitches!Jack Carpenter
Big Four is fab! Another great party trick from Tom. It's a little bit poker and a whole lot of fun. John Bannon

Available in two options:

  • English DVD + English Gimmick
  • English DVD + Japanese Gimmick


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Official review from Genii Magazine

From the January 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by Dustin Stinett

The routine has its comedy built in and I suspect a more humorous performer could get even more out of it. The DVD explains everything and it comes with the props you need. A credit card-size rule card and a larger glossy-stock card for bigger audiences. There is also a plastic magnifying glass so someone can read the “small print” that instructs them to turn over the rule card. Like the ridiculous hand the house gets, this is a winner.

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