The Royal Scam

Trick by John Bannon and Big Blind Media
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The Royal Scam

24.95 usd

Trick by John Bannon and Big Blind Media ($24.95)

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The Royal Scam - magic
The Royal Scam The Royal Scam The Royal Scam The Royal Scam

A self-contained, pocket miracle from John Bannon.

"Entertaining, original and doubly surprising." Markobi, FISM Card Magic Champion

"'The Royal Scam' is a perfect, neat little package of yummy John Bannon goodness!" Harapan Ong

With just the 9 included specially-printed cards and no hard sleights, you can accomplish this fun and powerful piece of card magic. It's super easy and impossibly fooling.

You display a small packet of cards that are all Ace Of Spades. Through six increasingly staggering phases all of the cards in the packet of cards continually change their orientation. First they're all face down, then impossibly all face up. This is where most tricks would end.

But "The Royal Scam" has yet to unleash the truly impossible. Next, four of the discarded Aces are revealed to have different back designs—each one from a totally different deck!

While your spectator is reeling at this utter impossibility you'll be gearing up to unveil your real coup de grâce. The remaining five cards are then flipped face-up to reveal that they are not the generic Aces Of Spades they were expecting.

Instead, it's a fully examinable royal flush in spades!

"The Royal Scam" by John Bannon is everything you've come to love from the card magic legend. Brilliant economical handling, easy to master method, fully examinable cards, and multiple phases. You get a huge amount of magic from just the nine provided cards!

Where most routines come to an end, Bannon is just getting started.

  • Super easy to do
  • No hard sleights
  • A self-contained, impossibly fooling miracle
  • Uses just nine provided cards (USPCC stock)
  • No extra cards or sticky stuff
  • End 100% clean and totally examinable
  • Wallet provided for easy transport

Each "Royal Scam" set comes packaged in a beautiful faux-hardback book. Just right to slip onto your shelf and protect your set of gaff cards

"I remember when John first showed this to me, it felt like I'd been hit with a right, left, right combination. Just one surprise after another. Economy of method combined with multiple revelations makes it a must have." Tim Trono

"This trick is an absolute killer! 9.5/10." Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"Once again John has showed us that he is the Babe Ruth of packet tricks. Fans of Sizzle will love this one."

"It only takes a small amount of a deadly substance to get the job done and John Bannon's 'The Royal Scam' is a lethal dose" Ryan Matney

"I'm so glad that 'The Royal Scam' is available again. I love John's Fractal tricks, and this is one of the best. Classic Bannon!" Steve Faulkner


Customer reviews for The Royal Scam



I don't really agree with the previous reviewer. Yes, the tutorial wasn't taught by John, but it was taught by Liam Montier, who is very qualified to be teaching magic. There are a few sleights involved but it is not difficult to execute - think elmsley count level of difficulty.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes what they saw on the trailer because I have been doing this since receiving it and the reactions that I get are amazing.



This trick while visually impressive suffers with deception in many ways:

First, John Bannon (who I admire greatly) shows the trick is in the trailer; however he is nowhere to be seen in the explanation and tutorial. Instead, another person subs. I paid for John Bannon, not a sub!
Second, description given by VI is also deceptive:

"Super easy to do" - no it is not; requires three (3) different slights
"No hard sleights" - the 3 slights have to be done to perfection to perform
"Wallet provided for easy transport" - the "wallet is a cheap vinyl card case and the "beautiful faux-hardback book" serves no usable purpose other than to drive up the cost of the trick. The trick could easily be sent in a pay envelope with online instructions for $9.95.

Sorry to see John put his name on this marketed trick. Spend your money elsewhere.


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  • William asks: Is roughing involved?

    • 1. David answers: No roughing. The cards are normal and can be examined.
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  • Dimitrije asks: Is the explanation of the effect contained in the book, and what is the wallet that is mentioned?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is not a book, the instructions come as a download and the packaging looks like a book to slot onto your shelf and protect the contents. A wallet is also provided which is just for holding the cards to stop them getting damaged & to transport easily
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