Blank Phil Deck

Trick by Trevor Duffy
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Blank Phil Deck

25.00 usd

Trick by Trevor Duffy (25.00)

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A Blank Version of the Popular Phil Trick

Here's the original "Phil" EFFECT: A deck of cards is set down on a table. A spectator is asked simply to think of any playing card, and the magician says he will name it. After a moment of thought, the performer declares, "The name of your card is Phil! You know, short for Phillip!" The audience is understandably a bit surprised. The pack is removed and then shown to have different names printed boldly on the back of every card. When the deck is turned face up and the card named by the spectator is found, it is the one and only card named Phil!

  • Only One Deck Is Used
  • Instantly Resets
  • No Force of Any Kind
  • No Sleight of Hand
  • Any Card Can Be Named
  • Includes Booklet with Ideas from Dan Garrett, Obie O'Brien and more
With this special blank deck you can customize your own routines to suit a particular name, product or theme, making the routine even more memorable.

Customer reviews for Blank Phil Deck



This is one of my absolute favorite tricks, so it wasn't my first time buying it (I actually bought four of these decks this time around.) If you know Max Maven, you know how great his stuff is. I saw him perform this years ago at MAWNY in his lecture, bought the printed PHIL deck then, but much prefer the blank as it gives you so many more opportunities to make it yours. Unfortunately, a few days after my purchase, Max passed (aloha!) so he never got to see my new routine, but I'm sure he would've been happy that I made it my own. The important part is that out of ALL of the tricks I've bought over the years, this is one I keep coming back to. No matter what flashy gimmicks are released, this one is a fooler and it's easy to do so you can focus on presentation. Highly recommend.


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