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CHACE - magic

Chace is an incredible upgraded version of the classic "Chase the Ace" gambling routine filled with a variety of twists and surprises that will delight all audiences.

This incredibly EASY to do, multi-phase routine resets almost immediately, making it the perfect packet trick for any walk around or strolling close-up magician.

Chace begins with the magician showing their spectator four blue-backed cards. Three of them have blank faces and the other is the Ace of Spades—the card they'll need to follow to play Chace.

This Ace of Spades is buried within the packet of cards. With a snap of your fingers, it magically disappears, only for it to then reappear with another magical snap or wave. You then show the three blank-faced cards to have a blue back and ask the spectator to name the color on the back of the Ace of Spades. They'll be shocked to see that it is now RED instead of BLUE.

You then turn all the cards face down for the finale. The spectator can touch any card that is not an Ace. So, they of course touch one of the blue-backed cards. However, when you turn it over, they have still lost because this card is now an Ace. In fact, all the cards are now Aces.

Chace comes with high-quality USPCC cards and written instructions featuring 30 color photos. You'll also receive access to an online tutorial.


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CHACE by Vinny Sagoo