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Counthesaurus  - magic

Limited copies of this difficult-to-find classic magic book are finally available again. Counthesaurus by Jon Racherbaumer is the ultimate, go-to reference for false counts and displays.

The popularity of close up card magic, particularly packet tricks, has led to the development of a huge variety of false counts, false spreads and other deceptive display techniques. However, they were often difficult to research and learn…until now.

Counthesaurus is a super easy-to-understand, comprehensive encyclopedia of false counts and displays. More than 80 different techniques that can be used in a variety of sleight of hand card tricks have been compiled in this handy spiral-bound book. It is alphabetized and enhanced with over 200 photographs for your convenience. You’ll never have to guess what a count does, or how it works, again.

It features everything from the Ascanio Spread to the Biddle Count, Elmsley Count, Mirage Count and everything in-between. This includes many of the lesser-known and esoteric techniques that have been long buried in other magic books for years like the devious Switchless Switch Count or Takagi Turnover Count. You’re guaranteed to find something that will completely fool your friends.

Contents of Counthesaurus

  • All-Alike Count
  • Ascanio Spread
  • Biddle Count
  • Biddyro Count
  • Broken-Up Elmsley Count
  • Buckle Count
  • Cards-To-Pocket Count
  • Carlyle False Count
  • Chaback Count
  • Chanin Deal Count
  • Clean-Up Display Move
  • Collins Ace Vanish
  • Copdiddle Count
  • Dainty Pivot Spread
  • D’Amico Spread
  • Duplication Display
  • Four-Card Version
  • Elmback Count
  • Elmsley Count
  • Endfield False Count
  • Everchange Count
  • Eyecount
  • Fifth Peel
  • Fingertip Rhythm
  • Flustration Count
  • “GEM” False Count
  • Gemini Display
  • Ghostback Count
  • Ghostover Count
  • Haback Count
  • Hamman Count
  • Hide-Out Count
  • In Lieu Of Hamman Switch
  • Jack’s Rhythm Count
  • Jimmy Cricket Count
  • Jorback Count
  • Jordan Count
  • Kosky Count
  • Latest Count Combination
  • Marfon Count
  • Marlo’s Flushtration Count
  • Mirage Count
  • Mirror Count
  • Modified Haback Count
  • Neo Jordan Count
  • Nerve Count
  • New Quick Three-Way
  • No-Buckle Gemini Count
  • Olram Counts
  • Olram Subtlety
  • Omega Count
  • Opec Count
  • Opos Count
  • Optical Rhythm
  • Partial Ascanio
  • Pinch Grip
  • Push-Off Count
  • Quick Three-Way
  • Razor-Edge Pivot Spread
  • Repeat Code 345
  • Rhythm Count
  • Rhythm Flushtration Count
  • Siva Count
  • Six-Card Repeat Count
  • Slide Three-Way
  • Smile Count
  • Smile Count – Pairs
  • Snap-Turn Count
  • Spirit Count
  • Switchless Switch Count
  • Takagi Turnover Count
  • Townsend Elmsley Count
  • Two-As-Four Count
  • Two-For-Four Count
  • Underside Reverse Spread
  • Unlimited Count
  • Veeser Concept
  • Veeser Concept – Palm-Up Variation
  • Bonus Count Drill

Softcover | Spiral Bound | 209 Pages | 8.5in x 11in


Customer reviews for Counthesaurus



I am a collector of close-up magic paraphernalia with a serious interest in packet tricks, especially those utilizing gaffed cards. I don't perform, but I do like to know how to do the tricks and the Counthesaurus is invaluable reference by an outstanding author.
Bill Bell


David H.

Being a bookophile, I still love reading from real books rather than eBooks or other electronic formats. I also love closeup magic and packet tricks. I have learned many of the counts and subtleties explained in Racherbaumer"s Counthesauras but ordered a copy recently. It was delivered in timely fashion (as has been my consistent experience with Vanishing Inc) and I am quite pleased with it. It is well worth the modest cost. The format is excellent; I love the spiral binding that allows one to lay the book flat while practicing a technique. There are clear and numerous black and white photos of hand and finger positions, the explanations are clear and concise, etc. It is incredibly comprehensive and has more in it than I originally thought. Kudos to Vanishing Inc for a fine contribution to magic by reissuing this excellent book.

VI Monthly


As a card and packet trick performer this book was a must have. Bought it immediately when VI announced its availability. As the table of contents shows you get a large selection of packet sleights. I have other sleight books such as Menzter's, Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlety. "Counthesaurus" is a perfect complement. Every book has different descriptions of the same sleights and these can be useful in helping to master the methods. Very pleased with this purchase. A welcome addition to my growing library of card magic!


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