Deal or Not Deal

Trick by Gi'Mick Magic
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Deal or Not Deal

39.95 usd

Trick by Gi'Mick Magic ($39.95)

In stock - very few available. Order in the next 7 hours, 56 minutes and it will go out today!
Deal or Not Deal - magic
Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal Deal or Not Deal

A perfect close-up routine! An effect with multiple twists and turns!

Deal or Not Deal will surprise your audience every time!


Take a deck of cards from your pocket and take the cards from the case.

You now propose a little game to your spectator!

Explain that you have a prediction card in your pocket and that this prediction will match the card you will choose from the deck on the table!

You are so sure of this that you offer your spectator the banknote if you are wrong! Interesting, isn't it?

The spectator immediately accepts this DEAL because he has nothing to lose!

Take the deck in hand and deal the cards face down on the table one by one face down...

Invite your spectator to say STOP whenever he likes, no force! At STOP, take the banknote, and place it on the freely selected card.

Everything is CLEAN and therefore no manipulation is possible!

Will your spectator win the money? Will your prediction be correct?

Then take the prediction card out of your pocket and show it to everyone.

Let's say it's the 10 of hearts.

Slowly take the card that is under the banknote... turn it over...

It's also the 10 of hearts! That's the first effect!

Your spectators are wondering if have several predictions in your pocket...

Reassure them by explaining that you were so sure that the spectator would on the 10 of hearts, that you had marked it on the back of the banknote!

Then invite your spectator to return the banknote himself... Written on it in black marker is the 10 of hearts! That's the 2nd effect!

This time your spectators wonder if your deck is made up of only of 10's of hearts. That's the only possible explanation!

Look at them and tell them that indeed, the deck is indeed composed of identical cards... but they are all blank!


Take the whole deck and show each card one by one... BLANK... BLANK... BLANK AND MORE BLANKS...

The whole deck is composed of NOTHING BUT BLANK cards!

Only one card is printed, the 10 OF HEARTS! The card chosen by your spectator! This is the 3rd effect!

THE DEAL has been incredible for your spectator and yet...

You now proudly take back you banknote because you had everything right from the beginning!

Remember the strong points:

  • Only one prediction card!
  • The prediction is different every time!
  • No manipulation!
  • The ticket is ORDINARY! Nothing to hide!
  • Use any banknote AND any currency!
  • Reset in 5 seconds!You can hand them the blank cards, they are simply blank cards!

The gimmick takes care of everything for you 100%.

Delivered complete: deck, gimmick and video instructions in English/French

Deal or Not Deal created by Mickael Chatelain.

Distributed by GiMickMagic and Murphy's Magic Supplies.


Customer reviews for Deal or Not Deal



This is not a good trick. Here is why: The effect is nothing more than a prediction of a card. There are absolutely endless ways to make this happen (an extremely simple version great for laymen would be some form of Gemini twins). So this trick takes a very common effect with many sure-fire ways to do it that are even cleaner, and adds a somewhat convoluted method to make it happen. Now -- here's the kicker. In the demo, the gimmick is not even used! There is one ending which is completely clean and the gimmick doesn't even come into play. That is the ending included in the demo! On top of that, there are some angle issues (there's a reason why it's oddly filmed from the top). The problem can be obviated with some audience management in terms of where spectator says stop. But otherwise, if spectators are seated, rather than standing above the cards, you will have an issue.
The reason this trick caused excitement (even promoted with the tagline-- "can you figure it out") is that, as noted above, what is demonstrated is the best case scenario which does not even use the gimmick. So, obviously you can't figure out the gimmick if the gimmick isn't used. If you end up buying the trick, it's not a total waste of money as the gimmick you receive is very will made and can have lots of different uses with some creativity (though it's a bit expensive for what you get). Bottom line, terrible method for a common effect that can be done so many better ways, and very misleading trailer. M. Chatelain has some terrific effects but this is not one of them.



What a waste of money! The instructions for this effect which can be found on the website with the included password are very difficult to follow (especially with his accent). Waste of money? Definitely! Magic Junk Drawer? Most definitely!


Community questions about Deal or Not Deal

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  • Joseph asks: is this self working????

    • 1. Don answers: I was wondering the same thing Joseph....however, it does read in the description that "you can hand them the blank cards, they are nothing but blank cards"....I'm sure we'll find out shortly.
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  • Ahmed asks: Can you give the deck for examination without worrying? I hope it is not invisible D!

    • 1. Alan answers: "You can hand them the blank cards" it says in the description above.
    • 2. Meik answers: So to clarify, I actually own the deck. The trick works as described (seen) in the video. The issue of the blank cards is a matter of semantics. It says "You can hand them the blank cards, they are simply blank cards!" when it should say, you can "you can hand them "almost all" of the blanks cards". I hope that does clarify the blank card questions in this forum without giving away the secret.
    • 3. Ahmed answers: Perfect! make sense now. Thanks
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  • Jamie asks: So, it's a 5 second reset. When the trick is performed for the second time, directly after the 5 seconds, will a different card be predicted?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup! That is possible.
  • Paul asks: Could you use a deck of all the same card--say 51 Aces of Spades--that doesn't match the predicted (chosen) card, instead of using the Blank deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup! You would just need to adapt the gimmick but this is easily done.
  • Dave asks: The trailer and what you're saying about this trick don't fit together. The blank deck can be handed out. There's no card under the bill. Spectator turns over the selected card and nothing has been touched by the magician. Perhaps the trailer has been edited, there's a step we don't see?

    • 1. Abel answers: Hmmm, since we can not discuss methods, all I can tell you is the way I would do this trick, 50 of the 52 cards are normal cards & the dollar bill is normal. You can use any one of the 52 cards from another deck that will be revealed. Plus a duplicate of that card that you use with a different color back. You can repeat the trick with a different card every time but you have to "set it up" first. I'm just guessing how the trick works. I don't know how it actually works. My method will work exactly has shown in the video. So if I'm not correct, then maybe I should sell my method to perform this trick?
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  • William asks: Your description says that the blank cards are dealt one by one. In the video they are dealt one by one and then spread face up in a ribbon spread. Is it possible to skip the dealing out of them one by one and go straight to the ribbon spread? If not, the trick is probably a little long for my venue.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup - you can easily adapt it in that way.
    • 2. Marlin answers: So to confirm, the deck must be "ADAPTED" in order to skip the step of laying the cards down one by one and going right to a spread? What about to hand the deck out as stated in the description?? If I just hand it out rather than laying them down one by one, does the deck need to be adapted, and if so, when is that done? Does that have to happen before you do the trick, or it's just some minor move you do right then during the trick?
  • Royce asks: Ok I am going to ask the question again, is this really self-working?

    • 1. Adam answers: This is self working, as it reads in the ad this looks amazing and will be buying this, this is right down my street and the best bit is your clean at the end where you can hand the cards out this is wonderful??
    • 2. Marlin answers: Adam, are you answering the question or adding another one?? You sound like you're answering, but you then state that you "WILL be buying", so do you actually KNOW how the trick works? And your "answer" ends with question marks. Are you answering or asking?
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  • Marlin asks: In the description it states: Reset in 5 seconds!You can hand them the blank cards, they are simply blank cards! Is it really true/fair to say "they are simply blank cards", or would it be more accurate to say "they APPEAR to all be just blank cards"? I ask this because in several other answers it is stated that certain things are possible by "modifying the deck". How/why does the "DECK" need to be modified if it truly consists of just blank cards. If the previous answers were just that a specific "gimmick" needs to be adapted, that would make sense, but to indicate the DECK needs to be adapted makes it sound like the cards are not truly just blank cards, but simply can be made to APPEAR to be blank. I find it necessary to ask such questions because I've purchased so many effects where the descriptions and demo videos are designed very deceptively to leave out the little "bits" which would quickly be spotted if we were able to see the trick done "live" or if the descriptions were completely accurate. Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: For this type of question please email
  • Gary asks: Any similarity with Richard Sanders “ ALPHA “ deck?

    • 1. Gino answers: Does anything beat Richard’s Alpha Deck....c’mon!
    • 2. Mariano answers: Gino: I don't know why, but my Alpha Deck is very loud, never been able to use it. I'd like to be able to use it though!
    • 3. Gino answers: I guess there could be a slight noise issue with Alpha...which I have never had, but doing the “magic” on the offbeat while speaking totally makes it silent..not a big issue done at the right time :-)
    • 4. Gary answers: I spent years trying to find the gimmick for ALPHA Quiet, reusable ... ZIG 2 way glue is perfect.....
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  • Apurva asks: Can you use Jokers instead of blank cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup.
  • Josele asks: How able at sleight of hand do I have to be to perform this wonderful trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No sleight-of-hand is required!
  • Joseph asks: Do you have to provide your own blank deck or is it included?

    • 1. Tony answers: The blank deck included
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  • Marlon asks: Can the predicted/chosen card be different every time? Thanks

    • 1. Jim answers: It can be.
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  • Marlon asks: Can you use any currency?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes you can use any currency
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