Destroyers & Moments

By Joshua Jay
Both books for $100.00
Also available individually
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Destroyers & Moments

100.00 usd

By Joshua Jay

Both books for $100.00 | Also available individually

Some of this collection in stock. Order in the next 7 hours, 56 minutes and it will go out today!
Destroyers & Moments - magic

A Classic Available After Ten Years
& The Anticipated Sequel

Two books from one of the most celebrated creators in the industry! Destroyers is the critically-acclaimed, best-selling book on the coin and close-up work of Troy Hooser. After years of scarcity, it is FINALLY AVAILABLE AGAIN, on the ten-year anniversary of its first printing. Written by Joshua Jay and filled with material that has shaped a generation of coin and card material, this book embodies the term neo-classic, hardbound and fully illustrated.

That was the good news. Here's the GREAT news: Moments is an ENTIRELY NEW COLLECTION OF MATERIAL BY TROY HOOSER. For the last ten years, Troy has developed a markedly different approach to close-up, and this collection features 25 BRAND NEW HOOSER ROUTINES, seeing print here for the very first time. Hardbound, fully illustrated.

"One of my biggest influences in magic, Troy Hooser, is the rare combination of elegant simplicity with diabolical methodology." —Homer Liwag

IMPORTANT: the limited edition slipcases have now sold out. The books will slhp separately without a slipcase.

Also available individually:

Destroyers (out of stock)

"Destroyers is filled with killer magic that is both audience tested and practical. Learning Troy's material is well worth your time and investment" —Bob Kohler

An immediate sensation when it debuted ten years ago, Destroyers remains relevant, innovative and “highly recommended” (Michael Close, MAGIC Magazine). Acclaimed author Joshua Jay takes you on a whirlwind tour of over forty routines and sleights, each one explained with thoughtful prose and distinctive illustrations. You will learn over a dozen coin routines that require no table, how to levitate a small mask, how to produce a bottle from nowhere, and how to produce a padlock from two rubber bands. This updated and expanded edition of Destroyers features over seven routines not originally included, as well as additional commentary and dozens of new illustrations.

The name Troy Hooser has always been associated with the underground magic scene. For more than twenty-five years, Mr. Hooser has quietly developed a repertoire of material that amazes laymen. Hooser’s material has also captured the imaginations of the magic industry’s thought leaders—Troy Hooser is, perhaps, your favorite magician’s favorite magician. In his first collection, he tips a lifetime of secrets and the theory behind them. These tricks wreak havoc on the logic of spectators. These tricks are Destroyers

“Highly recommended for the serious student…Top notch and well thought out…Destroyers is the reason that the flipper coin has become so popular.”
—Dr. Michael Rubenstein, Coin Magic Seminar

"Destroyers has been instrumental in my own magical development. Any serious student of magic would benefit from careful study of Troy's entire body of work."
—Eric Jones, Audio and An Extension of Me


"Troy Hooser's work in Moments is excellent, and I particularly enjoyed the longer routines. I think anyone who likes coin magic will enjoy Moments. I know I did." —David Roth

Moments is a brand new collection of over thirty routines and sleights from heralded creator and performer Troy Hooser. A decade after the enormous success of Hooser’s first collection, Destroyers, author Joshua Jay returns to document a wonderful new development in Troy’s style and output.

If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Hooser’s work, his visual, whimsical style will delight you. If you are familiar with Mr. Hooser’s work, Moments will still come as a startling surprise. Whereas his earlier material was all performed standing, much of this material is performed in the classical style, seated. Whereas much of his earlier material was short, this book includes five “acts,” each one comprised of several routines or tricks sequenced together for thematic purposes.

“Troy Hooser has been on the cutting edge of coin magic for over two decades. It would be rare to find a practicing coin magician without some contribution from Troy in his repertoire.”
 —Todd Lassen, master coin craftsman

"There is an amazing progression in this collection. If you liked Destroyers—and I think everyone did—then you are going to LOVE Moments."
—Andi Gladwin, author of 52 Memories


Customer reviews for Destroyers & Moments



If you've read Bobo or Roth, you know what it feels like to have essential reading material in front of you. Troy Hooser's Destroyers belongs in that category. You'll see a huge difference between "traditional" coin work and the stand-up, very personal performing style you'll encounter. The routines seem to have a clear effect, but there's a lot of magic that happens between point A and B.


A Charming Chinese Challenge: Three chinese coins melt off a satin ribbon. It's simply one of the most interesting coin plots I've read.
Redirection Coins Across: Think 3 fly, but you're liberated from going left to right (or right to left)
Coins to Glass (using flipper): A coins to glass that is simple in handling, but perfect in its visual and auditory aspects.
Underhanded Coins Across (using flipper): If Sankey's Mr. Clean Coins Across got together with Liwag's CoinONE and had a baby, this is what it would look like.

If you've never used a flipper coin, this will inspire you to get one as the devious work you can do with one is provided in depth. You might want to get a matching expanded shell too. Those gimmicks will make your coin work cleaner and utterly impossible to your audience.

Buy it now. It will change your life...or your approach to magic.



Josh and Andi,

I got the Hooser books and I have to say that they are absolutely AMAZING! Not only the content but the production quality as well.

The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the box was their size. They are not the "normal" size of a regular book but that's what I really liked about them. It almost feels like you're holding a tablet in your hands which already sets me up for a fun read.

Troy's material has evolved from the first Destroyers book I purchased and Moments show his creative thinking.

I know working material and I can't wait to start putting some of this stuff in my restaurant work! Awesome job and I can't wait to see what you guys come out with next ; )

-Mike Eaton



This set has became my favorite book at this time.
Destroyers has given me some great ideas and inspiration it is for sure a book you must buy but make sure to get a Shell and a Flipper before you do because after you read it you will for sure want them.
I should know I never really did coin magic till I got this book.
Plus the books are beautiful!!


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