Encyclopedia of Card Sleights - Volume 2

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Encyclopedia of Card Sleights - Volume 2 - magic

Finally on DVD, Daryl's 8-Volume Encyclopedia of Card Sleights has been lauded for its excellent instruction of so, so many sleights. No longer stuck on VHS, so you have to rewind and fast-forward, these DVD versions are indexed with menus so you can get where you need to go and start learning!

This is not a set of tricks to learn. These detailed volumes are designed to give you the skills you need to apply to effects and situations that may come up. You will learn and improve upon a large number of sleights, adding countless techniques and tips to your toolbox. And they are all taught by Daryl, a master of sleight of hand with numerous years of experience.

So it's time to dust off those cards and get to work. Order your copy today!

Volume Two Contains:

  • Introduction
  • The Jog (Continued from Vol 1)
  • Automatic Jog #2
  • Automatic Jog #3
    The Natural Jog
  • The Dribble Control
  • The Simon Card Control
  • Daryl's First Card Contro
  • The Automatic Jog Control (Paul LePaul)
  • The Dribble Touch (Daryl)
  • The Crimp
  • Bottom Card Crimp
  • Single Card Bridge
  • One Hand Bottom Crimp (Arthur Buckley)
  • Acethetics Crimp (Daryl)
  • The Regular Crimp
  • The Bridge Location
  • Several Methods for Creating the Bridge
  • The Overhand Shuffle
  • Overhand Shuffle Technique
  • Running Cards
  • Milking the Deck
  • The Double Milk
  • Overhand Shuffle Controls
  • Overhand Shuffle with Injog
  • Trick Break
  • The Clock Trick
  • Top Stock Control
  • Bottom Stock Control
  • The Back & Forth Shuffle Trick Break
  • Magician Fooler
  • The Divided Deck Shuffles
  • The Ireland Shuffle
  • The Cyclic Order
  • The Greek Shuffle (the Weave)
  • The Charlier Shuffle (cyclic control)
  • False Overhand Shuffles
  • G.W. Hunter Shuffle
  • The Optical Shuffle
  • The Charlier Shuffle (full deck control)
  • The Hindu Shuffle
  • Standard Technique
  • Top Stock Control
  • Bottom Stock Control
  • Full Deck Control
  • The Strip Shuffle (Running Cuts)
  • Standard Technique
  • Top Stock Control (2 methods)
  • Bottom Stock Control
  • Full Deck Control False Cuts
  • Raul Posini False Cut
  • Frank Thompson False Cut
  • Daryl's Crazy Cut
  • Optical False Cut
  • Retention of Vision Cut
  • The False Swing Cut.

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