Every Card You Take

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Every Card You Take - magic
Every Card You Take Every Card You Take Every Card You Take Every Card You Take Every Card You Take Every Card You Take Every Card You Take Every Card You Take Every Card You Take

From Luxembourg close-up magician Sylvain Juzan comes this remarkable collection of 15 never-published card moves and effects taken directly from his professional repertoire.

The effects Sylvain offers here are not difficult to master, but his routines will confound re-construction efforts by critical thinking laymen and professional magicians alike. And if they can't figure it out, it must be magic!

Among other effects and moves taught, you will learn a wonderful sleight from French card genius Bernard Bilis who showed Sylvain one of his best-kept secrets years ago, and gave his permission to have it in print here for the very first time.

So sit back, relax and take a card. Just remember, Sylvain Juzan will be watching you!

"Every Card You Take is chock full of the kind of thinking I like. Whatever the effect, Sylvain manages to squeeze out all the juice he can. He does this by shrewdly combining principles - a mathematical principle married to the use of gaffed cards; gaffed cards married to intermediate sleight-of-hand techniques; sleight-of-hand techniques married to equivoque. In every case, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. There are some serious foolers here." Michael Close in the foreword to Every Card You Take

"Every Card You Take is full of very practical magic. The effects are strong, and the ideas clever. I highly recommend it." Bill Cheung

"A professional, a serious student, a critical thinker, and a builder ... a formidable combination. Sylvain brings all of his powers to bear in this unique collection of finely-wrought card mysteries. Adhering to the maxim, "effect is everything," he has layered various techniques and principles in surprising, but effective ways, with one goal: mystery. Best of all, he explains everything in an intelligent, easy-to-read style. I thoroughly enjoyed these tricks as well as the look inside his thought process in creating them. You will too." John Bannon

"I love music and card magic. Sylvain's Every Card You Take is about both! It's full of catchy originals and clever covers. And I love it from cover to cover!" Ondrej Psenicka

89 pages | Hardbound | Color | Foreword by Michael Close


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  • Fabian asks: How much content in this book requires gimmicks or gaffs?

    • 1. Julien answers: Hi ! Thanks for your question. Let me answer you : _ in the first effect "Every Card You Take", I describe a way to do the second half of the trick using gaff cards. But you can make it with regular cards as well, I describe it also. You have both methods described and can choose depending on your performance conditions. _ in "Color Correction" and "Tricky Question" you need gaff cards. _ "Reverse Biddle 2" is a version of "Reverse Biddle 1" but using gaff cards. So once again, you have the option of doing this trick impromptu or using gaff cards. So : 2 tricks need gaffs and 2 more tricks can be done with or without. Last thing : the gaff cards used in my book are "standard" gaffs : double facers and double backers. No arts and crafts needed, no glue, no magnet, .... You may probably already have some. I hope it helps ! Sylvain Juzan
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