Trick by Craig Petty and The 1914
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Trick by Craig Petty and The 1914 ($30.00)

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Forecast - magic
Forecast Forecast Forecast

Harness the same power that only a small fraction of magicians and mentalists possess.

"Forecast" by Craig Petty and The 1914 is an incredible masterclass in unlocking the limitless power of a memorized deck. It focuses on how criminally underused this principle is and will completely change how you see mem deck work.

Most magicians put off memorizing a deck of cards because it can be difficult and time-consuming. Yet, Craig Petty's pragmatic approach will instantly slash how much time it takes and allow you to progress faster than ever before.

  • Instantly tell a spectator the exact amount of cards they cut from a deck
  • Predict the amount of cards a spectator will cut before they even do it
  • Discover the secret to the cleanest Card at Any Number routine in the world
  • And so much more...

Here's how "Forecast" breaks things down in a way that is easy for magicians of any skill level to follow:

The first three card tricks you learn are completely self-working. They are practical and powerful workers that use a stacked deck, but you don't even need to memorize a single card. These card miracles are designed to help you get familiar and comfortable with stacked deck work, without any of the fear of failure. You'll master them in minutes and they're worth the price of this project alone.

You'll then progress to slightly more advanced effects that do require basic familiarization with the stack. But they don't require instant recall. Even better, the devious gimmick included in your set acts as a safety net. You'll never have to panic, even under the pressure of a live performance.

The final three card tricks do require you to be very comfortable with your stack and have the ability to recall cards very quickly. But, the beauty of it is, by the time you've mastered all the effects before, you're basically 99% of the way there. You've built the foundation that is going to propel you to the finish line.

While it will take you a bit of practice, memorizing the order of a deck of playing cards is worth every second. This is the key to performing true card magic miracles. Magic tricks that seem genuinely impossible. If the idea of fooling other magicians intrigues you, then you'll be glad to know "Forecast" is bursting with magician foolers.

What stack does "Forecast" use?

Here is the best part. Every effect taught in "Forecast" in compatible with any memorized deck from Mnemonica to Aronson Stack or even your own personal stack.

So, stop procrastinating and putting off the key to taking your card magic to insane new heights. It's time to finally master the mem-deck.

"Forecast" comes with download instructions and gimmick card.

Please Note: While the included gimmick will help you gain confidence in your mem deck work during the earlier parts of your journey, it is not intended to replace the actual act of memorizing a deck of cards. It is a very helpful tool within the framework of this project, but should not be viewed as a miracle device that will cut out the work needed to memorize a deck. Once you watch the project though, you'll realize the work is worth it and will unlock a lifetime of new card magic potential.


Customer reviews for Forecast



This is excellent. Some great routines. I have been procrastinating about getting in to mem decks. Not any more. This really as wet my appetite. So want to learn more. Great stuff once again from Craig.



If you like stacked routines, this is great card magic. Comes with two different cribs, one in mnemonica, the other is blank, which comes in nice packaging, you can also use this as a crib card wallet.
You receive sixteen individual videos, starts with an intro then false shuffles, folowed by demos and routines on each video that follows.
From what I've watched so far, are great routines, some have a one time set up. These routines are so worth learning.



This is just terrific! 1.)It has three great routines for beginners that are self working. 2.) It provides a great way to memorize the stack if you want to, and
3.) It explains easy methods of false cuts and shuffles.
Each in individualized lessons. A truly wonderful package of magic tricks and individual instructions.


Community questions about Forecast

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  • Randall asks: Which memorized deck stack does Forecast teach you how to learn -- Mnemonica, Aronson, a different stack altogether?

    • 1. Edward answers: It clearly states in the ad copy that it is compatible with any stack.
    • 2. Randall answers: The ad copy clearly says that the magic tricks taught are compatible with any stacks. My question is whether Forecast teaches you how to learn a specific stack. And if so, which one? It's a subtle difference.
    • 3. Craig answers: I teach you how to learn a stack. The methods used to learn a stack can be applied to anyone. So really which ever stack you prefer you can learn to memorise very easily
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  • Alonzo asks: how long is the tutorial?

    • 1. Craig answers: I believe that the tutorial is slightly over five hours in length
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  • Tom asks: This is a pre-order. However, it sounds like it's a download. Do you at least get the download right away upon purchase and it's just the jokers that get sent out later?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Access to the download will be made available once the project goes live on May 9.
  • Derek asks: If you already do mem deck work and have a battery of mem deck effects, is this project still useful or is it designed only for beginners who haven't yet memorized a stack and who don't know any mem deck tricks?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's designed for everyone. There are some beginner effects as well as advanced effects. Craig also provides some really nice thoughts on mem dek.
  • Neal asks: How does this differ from the Beyond Stebbins Project? Is it worth having both?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This covers memorized decks and not a Si Stebbins stack.
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