Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack

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Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack

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Trick by Brian Gillis ($22.50 - normally $45.00)

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Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack - magic
Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack

When you need to look like a Superstar, pull out the Peek Pack! It's your go-to miracle in a deck of cards!

Brian Gillis has used this reputation-maker on Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, Muhammed Ali, Charlize Theron, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more, and has been fooling magicians and laymen alike for over 20 years! All you have to do is riffle the cards for a selection, and you instantly know the card they chose! Check out the trailer to see how amazing this really is!

Toss out your Tossed Out decks and get the Peek Pack instead! Order yours today!

Comes with a custom-designed Bicycle deck and online instructions from Brian Gillis and Gregory Wilson.


Community questions about Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack

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  • Bill asks: Could my 12 year old grandson perform this trick

    • 1. Jim answers: The Peek Pack is truly self-working. You will have to remember six cards, and you will have to be entertaining during the selection and revelation of the cards, but the deck handles all of the sneaky stuff for you. If your grandson can riffle the cards, he can perform the Peek Pack. I hope that helps!
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  • Les asks: Can this be repeated with 6 different cards being revealed?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I'm afraid not.
  • Ken asks: I tried to purchase peek pack tonight at the 50% off sale. It would not show the discount. Could you help? I would like to purchase it. Thanks.

    • 1. Jim answers: This was a bug. We believe that we have resolved it. You may need to remove the Peek Pack from your shopping cart and add it back in to the the proper price. Sorry about that!
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  • Paul asks: I know it says the sale can be withdrawn at any time, but 10 minutes after I looked at it at 8pm est? I really want it at the low price please

    • 1. Jim answers: This was a bug. We believe that we have resolved it. You may need to remove the Peek Pack from your shopping cart and add it back in to the the proper price. Sorry about that!
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  • robert asks: if you can guess how the trick is done, do you get it free

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You had one question ... and you wasted it with this?! :)
  • Gene asks: Great looking effect. I would like to know if it can be done with other then a Bicycle Deck? With a different back design?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The deck is in Bicycle. That can't be changed, I'm afraid.
  • One asks: Can we only do with 6 people?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The routine works with a maximum of six selections. But let's be honest — six selections are enough!
  • Michael asks: If I buy 2 can it be repeated with a different outcome for the same audience ie; repeat clients?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No - the selections are forced. I don't imagine they'd remember all six selections on a repeat booking, however.
  • Martin asks: Do the performing angles allow a different color back, say blue, by just dropping a different color back as a back cover card (and using a matching card box)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I don't see why you couldn't do that. But I'm not sure I'd want to take the risk. Maybe you do though.
  • Dr. Sagathevan asks: Other than the performance shown, are there other tricks that can be done with the Peek Pack? Or it always functions as a riffle forcing deck? thank you

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It functions are a multi-forcing pack, so you could certainly create your own routine!
  • Treven asks: is the method similar to the tossed out deck? thanks!

    • 1. Tony answers: The method is different
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  • Adam asks: Can you give the deck a full riffle as in force of thought by Charlie Reynolds, or does it need to be a quick riffle

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Customer reviews for Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack



I do 2 shows a week at a Kauai hotel...this trick kills! I did the first review above...this trick is worth 10 times the initial price. At half would be out of your mind not get this! BUT...remember...this trick cannot be repeated for the same group. Also you need 4-6 spectators to select cards. The trick is self working...but selling this trick is EVERYTHING. Watch the instructional video...important. Get this before it sells out. I just bought 2 more as back-up decks...I cannot be without this trick. are the man!!!



This is a great trick. It’s all in the performance and selling it.
I’m practicing to make my presentation slick and it’s coming along nicely.
Buy this while you can!



Great trick. I'm an amateur and could perform it right out of the box with one or two viewings of the video. Super simple and super convincing. 95% of the work is in the presentation. Love it!



This is a killer trick. Anytime you have 6 will impress! Review the video and catch all the nuance. This can play really big...



I think this could be a great opener, six people peek at cards
and you tell each spectator they're thought of card, what could be stronger than that



I have been using this effect in my full evening show for a while now, and I believe it's one of the best things that I have incorporated to the show in the last ten years or so.

I also believe that the original handling for making the spectators select the cards is wrong. I can't discuss it here in detail, but I have changed the handling, adding from a concept I believe makes complete sense, and the selection became way more fair and helped hide the method at the same time.

For the revelation, I have also had to change the whole idea of the trick, turn tables and give the audience members a meaning to have a card selected and for now trying to hide it from me in their minds. The effect became a lot funnier and more misterious, and absolutely no one suspects what the method can be, but above all, now nobody cares about the method, because the weight of the effect is put somewhere else.

No effect or routine, no matter how genius it is, can be presented as it is, or as the instructions explain. We all, regardless how amateur or professionals we are, must put a lot of work into our presentations, handlings, choreographs, techniques. Sometimes a twist is enough, sometimes we have to deconstruct a whole effect and put it back together again with a completely different thinking.

This deck is a VERY POWERFUL weapon. As many others are too. Only to those who put the effort in learning how to use it properly. I have purchased 2 decks, now I'm purchasing 2 more.



I like the method. It is easy to do and give you time to perform mind reading.



Actually It Is Very Good.



I have watched the video 3 times now and definitely wish they would have spent less time gabbing and more on the actual "showing of the cards to the spectator" Section. it did not look remotely convincing to me as a magician and I can't believe that anyone who plays poker, bridge, black jack etc and handles or looks at cards would be taken in by this. I noticed on the performance video he displayed the cards MUCH faster. Maybe that is the key.
All that said, since these guys have been using it for years it must work a lot of the time. I'll find out when I start performing it next week.
It sure would have been nice if they had filmed several examples of what speed they do this at in front of a real audience.

I'll re-review after a couple of weeks of shows



I'm not completely confident that this would be bulletproof. That's why I'm only giving this product a 2-star review. I bought this based on the fact I highly respect Brian Gillis, Gregory Wilson as performers. Recently another local semi-professional performer I also highly respect recommend the Peek Pack. There are a few better alternatives in the market place. My experience as a real working professional performer who has performed over 5000 live shows is guessing that the reason why this works for Brian is that his personality is so strong and commanding that very few spectators will challenge him on stage. I believe that he performed this for me many years ago. I saw right thru the method yet I did not know how he did the other five cards. It's rather simple since the other 5 cards depending on the same method it's just clever handling of the deck and lots of balls in execution.

Gregory Wilson Presents The Peek Pack by Brian Gillis