High Spots

Book by Caleb Wiles
$20.00 Possibly discontinued.
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High Spots

20.00 usd

Book by Caleb Wiles ($20.00)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
High Spots - magic

Over SEVENTY PAGES OF DIABOLICAL NEW MAGIC. Rarely does thinking so fresh and so mature surface from a new name in magic. This is a collection of eleven completely flushed-out and considered card routines. It ranges from completely self-working to intermediate level, and even features “Reswindled,” Caleb’s version of “Reset” (regarded universally as the best version ever created). And Caleb’s “Semi-Automatic Luck Test” is so deceptive and unexpectedly easy you’ll use it right away.  

"Reswindled" is worth the price of the book ALONE. Paul Harris says, “Caleb Wiles’ Reswindled is my new favorite version of Re-Set.” So the creator of the plot acknowledges this version as the best. Why? Because in addition to cards transposing, at the conclusion they change into the Aces. It’s such a simple, logical addition! You’ll learn all the details here. 

This is exactly the kind of book we all grew up in magic loving, and they just aren’t produced anymore. Short, sweet collections of clever and carefully constructed magic. Everything included is a showpiece worth learning, and there are so many little things built into each one that you can’t help but marvel at the creativity. We had FUN reading this book, and that’s why we’re representing it here.  

Effect listing:

Offbeat Aces: An easy but visual production of the four Aces from between three Jokers.

ReSwindled: The best version of RESET ever!

26! A spectator is subliminally influenced to shuffle one half of the deck to match the order of the other half. No switches!

Word Perfect: A stand-up trick that you will use to fool audiences everywhere.

Make a Wish: A birthday-themed card effect strong enough for a working pro but easy enough for a relative beginner. 

Blackjack Be Quick: A spectator shuffles a deck and you instantly locate a winning blackjack hand, even under test conditions. 

Crystal Cut: A versatile false cut and control that will infiltrate your repertoire. Say goodbye to the double undercut!

Little Fella Grows Up: A false dealing demonstration that does not require any false deals. Your audience will give you much more credit than you deserve!

iDeck: A geeky but fooling card trick with a topical presentation.

Replicator: A topical presentation of color-changing deck that makes for a great follow-up to “iDeck.” 

Here-a-Move, There-a-Move, Everywhere-a-Move Move: A finger-flinging, eye-popper using four ungaffed Aces.  

Semi-Automatic Luck Test: A participant deals and cuts to the four Kings and Aces in this self-working stunner. 

"Caleb Wiles is the real deal. His methods are devious, his presentations are clever and fun and he's got loads of natural ability. Add to that solid magical thinking and you'll know why I've been recommending High Spots to all my friends." -David Williamson

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Customer reviews for High Spots



I can say that without a doubt, Caleb Wiles' new card book "High Spots", published by Vanishing Inc., is a must buy. I haven't been this impressed by a new book in a very long time. I was fortunate enough to see Mr. Wiles perform the effects in the book at last month's "The False Deal" convention in Oklahoma City, where he wowed everyone present with his clever routines. Caleb's card magic is a mixture of the creativity of David Regal, the savvy of John Bannon, and the outré of Max Maven.

None of the routines require heavy work, yet the audience impact is very great indeed. The explanations are clear, the accompanying photos are always referenced by text on the same page (the lack of which is a pet peeve of mine); and the overall design and layout of the book is eye-catching and easy to read. Each effect is presented in an Effect, Sleights, Setup, Performance, Comments, and Credits format with the occasional Clean-up and Alternate Handling sections. Crediting is thorough, however common sleights such as the Elmsley count are not explained in detail, which kicks this book into the intermediate skill classification. For me, having to wade through explanations of simple sleights becomes burdensome after a while, so I'm glad the author and/or editors chose to leave them out. More obscure sleights like Larry Jenning's Rhythm Count, J.K. Hartman's Secret Subtraction, and Noel Stanton's Pivot Color Change are explained within the context of each effect.

My personal favorites from the book include "26!", a spectator is subliminally influenced to shuffle one half of the deck to match the order of the other half -- a cheeky swindle of the finest sort which literally had me gaping like a codfish when I saw it. Computer geeks will get a kick out of "iDeck" and "Replicator", two effects which feature mirthful computer-themed patter with cool card magic. Then there's "ReSwindled", Caleb's variation of "Re-set" that may be familiar to readers of Joshua Jay's column in Magic magazine and owners of Paul Harris' True Astonishment DVDs. There's also a stand-up routine named "Word Perfect", a fiendish visitation of the "Deep Astonishment I & II" themes that really should be marketed on its own--thankfully, for us, it's included in the book.

"High Spots" features eleven of Caleb Wiles' well-crafted routines and comes stapled in an enameled cover, with 72 pages and just under one hundred clear B&W photographs. Edited by Tyler Wilson, Joshua Jay, and Andi Gladwin, with design by Michael Eaton and Andi Gladwin, "High Spots" is truly high up on the scale of great card magic.



I have to say I am proud to own this book.

Even though it's basically a stapled bound 'pamphlet' almost, it's very nicely produced & written. I usually don't get excited while sitting down with a book that says, "Now perform an Elmsley Count". I got excited while reading & learning the effects in here, not just once, but several times. The effects aren't 'sleight heavy', but many are 'sleight dependent'.

Typically, these kinds of effects are crap. The ones in High Spots are fun. I usually don't learn or perform these kind of effects, but these are cool & different. The effects are basic enough as well so that at the end of it all, the layperson doesn't just look at you & ask "What happened?"

In many magic products these days, the reader is actually punished for paying attention. They are punished by bad writing, weak jokes that interrupt the flow for no reason, or a terrible effect that is obviously untested. At the end you just say, "I read the last ten pages for that?" High Spots rewards you with the sense that you've learned a worthwhile effect, & it rewards you with extra tips & credits.

ReSwindled is the best effect in the book, hands down. There is something here for everyone though. A mental effect, a stand up effect, several 'gambling' routines, an effect that can be done for kids, a sleight-less card effect, routines where one effect happens, routines where tons of magic happens, & everything in between. It's a card magician's dream!!

If you like high quality card magic, or just high quality magic in general, this is the book to get.



On a lark, I was looking through the history of my Vanishing Inc purchases. It seems that this was the very first item I purchased, way back in July of 2009! It had occupied an obscure corner of my library until, inspired by some of the reviews above, I decided to give it a second — well, really first — look. I have yet to discover a weak item in the book. These routines are not mere tweakings of the work of others, but rather a rethinking of the core ideas and plots themselves. For me, the standout routine is 26!, a single deck, brilliantly conceived variation of Tamariz's "Total Coincidence," many variants of which have long figured in my repertoire. A delightful smorgasbord of ruses and swindles, it is as direct an approach to this effect as I know of. The bad news — looks like you might have to scrounge for a used copy, as "High Spots" seems to have been relegated to the dreaded "possibly discontinued" status. The good news — 26! is available as a separate download right here on Vanishing Inc!



Only some of the tricks were good but the ones that were good were very good and practical


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