Houdini Stunt

Trick by Merlins of Wakefield and Phil Peters
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Houdini Stunt

15.00 usd

Trick by Merlins of Wakefield and Phil Peters ($15.00)

In stock. Order in the next 11 hours, 17 minutes and it will go out today!
Houdini Stunt - magic

Houdini impossibly escapes from a jail cell and appears inside your spectator's pocket in this powerful and easy to perform card trick!

Houdini Stunt comes with gorgeous, specially-made cards designed exclusively for performing this amazing magic trick.


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What do you get for $15? You get 4 nicely illustrated cards. The entire routine is accomplished with basic sleight of hand. If you're a card person, you'll probably come up with other or even better uses for the set. I'm not suggesting the included routine is bad, it's perfectly fine for laypeople though it does involve reaching into strangers' pockets. Ones own shirt pocket or any concealed area will work just fine (under a napkin, handkerchief, in a hat, etc.).

The routine in more detail is: 3 jail cards and a Houdini card are shown. The Houdini card & 1 jail card are both placed in a spectator's pocket. The Houdini card is removed from the pocket, the jail card left behind, and inserted face down between the 2 other jail cards. Magic Magic Magic and the 3 cards in hand are the jail cards. The spectator removes the supposed jail card from his pocket and it's Houdini! There's a good chance you're right now going, "Ahhh." and you'd probably be correct. The actions in my opinion are rather odd as per the instructions and the effect is more Houdini switching places with a cage card than he disappearing and appearing in a pocket. It could be the latter with alternate card handling which you might already know. The price and quality of the cards doesn't make it a bad purchase. You'll have a lot of fun with them, especially if you don't have any Houdini themed cards. I do suggest purchasing it with other items so the shipping cost isn't tacked onto the end of it alone.

Houdini Stunt by Merlins of Wakefield and Phil Peters