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HUE - magic

HUE by Kaan Akdogan and MagicfromHolland is a unique prediction effect!

Show a red bicycle deck and three envelopes, numbered 1, 2 and 3.

Have a spectator cut the deck or he stops you while you dribble through the cards. A random card is selected and placed face up on one of the envelopes.

This is repeated with 2 other spectators.

Will the three selected card match the predictions? The answer is... NO, not at all!

What went wrong here?

But then you say you have never told them the FACES of the cards would match... Turn over your predictions and show three different color backs!

Now when you (or your spectator) turns over the selections they magically MATCH.

HUE is a typical mindgame with a surprising twist at the end.

Extremely easy to do. Learn it in a few minutes!

You will receive a special Bicycle deck (available in red or blue). Online instructions included.


Community questions about HUE

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  • Mark asks: Not trying to expose anything but I think I know the method & if I'm correct, I think that the face of the 3 selected cards would be different every performance. So my question is "would the 3 chosen cards be different cards every time?

    • 1. Gary answers: Given the probable method, yes each time the chosen selections can be different to a limit .
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  • Brandon asks: After doing this trick can the rest of the deck be used for reg card tricks no gaffs

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, the supplied deck is specifically for performing HUE (which is why it is extremely easy to do).
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HUE by Kaan Akdogan