Jurassic Deck

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Trick by Peter Eggink ($29.90)

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Jurassic Deck - magic

65 million years in the making...

The magician shows a deck of 52 different cards. Different movie titles ('Pretty Woman', 'E.T', 'Jaws' etc.) are boldly written black on the red back of each card.

A 'movie collectors club' prediction card is placed on the table in full view.

The magician says: 'Since I'm a huge movie fan, I wrote the names of my 52 favourite movies of all time on the back of each playing card. I did this for a reason though. If I can't decide which film to watch, I just pick a card and go with whichever one is on the back.'

The magician continues: 'I'm now even able to 'predict' a movie. Allow me to show you what I mean.' The magician spreads the deck face-up and a spectator is asked to pick ANY card they see at random (NO force). The spectator's freely chosen card is placed face-up next to the tabled prediction.

Magician: 'If the movie represented by your freely chosen card matches the movie which is on my prediction card, wouldn't that be impressive?'

The prediction is turned face-up by the spectator, to reveal the movie 'Casablanca'.  Next, the spectator's card is turned face-down only to reveal that 'Jurassic Park' is printed there. It seems the magician screwed up, as the prediction and the spectator?s chosen card don't match. However, the magician waves the whole deck of card over the spectator's card, and when the deck is turned face-down and spread out the whole deck of cards is changed into a 'JURASSIC DECK' of cards, matching the spectator's freely chosen movie card!! But there?s even more:

When the cards are placed back into the box, even the card box has changed into the theme of the chosen movie!


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