Moses Card

Trick by Wong Chun Yip and Magic's Express
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Moses Card

35.00 usd

Trick by Wong Chun Yip and Magic's Express ($35.00)

In stock.
Moses Card - magic
Moses Card Moses Card Moses Card

A special gimmick for visual card magic miracles. Elevate your favorite card tricks.

"Moses Card" allows you to change cards from red to blue, and then reverse things and change them from red to blue. It's a very strong visual. The gimmick takes care of all the hard work for you.

  • No threads
  • No flaps
  • No magnet

This is a game-changer in color changes.

"Moses Card" comes with three pre-made Bicycle gimmicks. You'll also get a comprehensive online tutorial (streaming only).

NOTE: Most of the packet tricks can be done with the pre-made gimmicks. But, the full deck effects require extra DIY and are best suited for someone familiar with splitting playing cards.


Community questions about Moses Card

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  • Randy asks: Could you add the three cards provided to a regular deck and have just those three cards change from lets say blue to red and then back again? Ie. Do a ribbon spread showing all blue cards. Close up spread and re-ribbon spread and show 3 red backs. And then back to blue after another ribbon spread?

    • 1. Jim answers: In theory, yes. You would need to make up the cards to do this .
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  • Jonathan asks: At the 18 second mark, the magician turns the cards over one by one. Are the cards still gimmicked at this point or can they be handed out for inspection? ...or used to continue with other effects?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These cards cannot be handed out for examination but you'll probably want to use a different deck for other effects.
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Customer reviews for Moses Card



Pretty good was the closest selection there was for an option. I wound say they are "OK" and very limited in a practical application. No way can I see these being used close up. In my opinion, these should only be used in a parlor setting and mostly likely, stage would be best. They absolutely can not be examined and you will want to be many feet await from the viewer when using these.

The concept is interesting but I would say the ad copy is flirting with false advertising. While there are no flaps in the swinging door sense... this statement could be seen as slightly misleading.

Overall, they look great and perform as shown. But again, and this is my opinion, if you use them, make it quick, move on with your routine and don't give the viewer time to really look at what you have in your hand. Also, if you move to another trick, these will have to be switched out somehow, they are only good for the shown use.