New Horizon

Trick by Marvelous-FX Ltd
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New Horizon

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Trick by Marvelous-FX Ltd (50.00)

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New Horizon - magic
New Horizon New Horizon New Horizon

An innovative new hookup system blasts this amazing card floating effect into a new dimension.

For more than 15 years, Matthew Wright has been developing close-up levitation systems. Now, with "New Horizon", he returns to where it all began. This incredible gimmick has been custom-crafted from the ground up to ensure it's practical for real-world performances.

"New Horizon" is completely self-contained. The fact it DOESN'T REQUIRE ANY EXTERNAL HOOKUPS means it can be easily carried in your pocket. It will be ready to go right after you take out your cards. As it also resets in seconds, it's perfect for any professional magician hopping from table to table.

This stunning piece of visual magic is designed to work in any environment from close-up magic and street magic to parlor magic, stage magic and even virtual magic. The card can be selected, signed or even freely named. Whether your audience is physically involved or behind a screen, they'll still get an unforgettable experience.

Their selected playing card slowly rises from the center of the deck. Once it reaches the edge, it impossibly levitates away from the pack and into your outstretched hand. You can then give this card away as a souvenir they'll cherish forever.


Customer reviews for New Horizon

VI Monthly


This is an unassembled device that will facilitate the provided I.T. to achieve the effect shown in the video.Jumped into the instruction to see the mechanism and was cold watered to find there will be a complete build involved. Once you gather the normal tools of DIY which you probably have - the process will take about a half an hour. But you will need good eyes and or glasses. I assume if it came assembled the price would have been closer or over $100. I missed this point when I ordered.Now on the plus side it is a great learning experience in I.T. and it's good to learn how to build it as thread will wear and break over time and will need to be replaced. It's not an impossible project by any means. But there is some finger work involved.If you pull off the build and perform this 100 times. A new world will be opened to you. Lots of room to create other stuff.And Wright introduces and inspires you to jump into this world. It's clear he uses this device and other I.T. On the instruction, the build instruction is clear and detailed. But there are some things later that you will need to discover with the feel of the device.I think devices like this could be advanced to incredible sophistication but in the end yes thread will break. Maybe there is some almost indestructible invisible thread out there yet to come ? Wright says he has rebuilt his unit 15 - 20 times (over the years) so be prepared for this. Absolutely there is a chance for the I.T. to break during performance, but again the more experience you get with I.T the more confident you'll get.It's fun to be a fly on the wall as Wright takes you to some of his gigs and performs this in the real world.This gives you a real world idea of how people react to this. There are some angles to be concerned with here FYI. But it's from one side and behind. I'm going to use this as an educational introduction to more advanced thread work. Because if you can start pulling this off successfully there really will be some "New Horizons" open. For the price and what you get, I'm good with what I received.


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  • Don asks: This looks very straight forward... would this be a good choice for an experienced close-up worker who has avoided thread work for the last fifty years?...thx??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We haven't tried this in a real world setting yet, but it does appear to be practical to use in close up. If you're looking to get started with thread work you might find Loops are an easier product to use to begin with,
  • Eyup asks: Can I only use playing cards or also business cards?

    • 1. Jim answers: It would require some DIY work, but it should be possible.
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