Nothing but the Truth

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Nothing but the Truth

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DVD by Cameron Francis ($25.00)

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Nothing but the Truth - magic
Nothing but the Truth Nothing but the Truth

A killer, self working packet trick that comes with 5 specially printed USPCC gaff cards.

"Incredibly awesome effect that I highly recommend you purchase." 4.5/5, -Jeff Stone, Magic

A card is selected by a spectator and hidden away. The magician (that's you) then reaches into their pocket and retrieves a state of the art Lie Detector machine. (Ok, it's actually a small packet of beautifully printed cards that you carry round in your wallet or purse).

A series of questions are asked of the spectator. "Is your card red or black? Is it a spot card or a court card?" - That kind of thing. The spectator can choose to honourably tell the truth or fib like an incorrigible scoundrel.

Each answer is 'input' into the lie detector (by placing one card from the top of the packet to the bottom for each letter of the random response), and the new top card is flipped face up. Incredibly this reveals either the word TRUTH or LIE (depending on whether the spectator was honest or not)!

Through this process the magician is able to correctly determine the value of the card picked by the spectator.

But that isn't the end of the trick. No siree bob! In a mind blowing display of magic awesomeness you now flip the lie detector packet over and show that ALL of the cards are in fact duplicates of the spectators chosen card!!

Funny, commercial, engaging and insane FUN, Nothing But The Truth is the perfect packet trick. It slips into your pocket, but plays HUGE! It is self working (with some more advanced handling options offered on the DVD) and leaves a lasting impression on audiences of all sizes!

  • Self working - perform with NO sleights!
  • Contains 5 specially printed Bicycle Cards.
  • Packs tiny, plays huge. This is an involving and entertaining routine, that can incorporate numerous spectators.
  • High production values and excellent indepth teaching. Includes self working and more advanced handling.

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Disclaimer: I'm not a professional magician, just a hobbyist, also known as a layperson who knows too much.

I originally bought this from another site (which no longer exists), and was surprised that Vanishing Inc. didn't offer it. After a conversation with the higher-ups on this site, now they do. I had given my copy away on my low-budget game show so it could continue amazing other people after I felt like I'd run out of people to amaze, but I've since bought another copy from Vanishing Inc., and after finding another guinea pig for it, I can happily report that it still seems amusing and fooling.

Nothing but the Truth is as easy to perform as advertised, especially since the DVD covers a handling that doesn't involve the Elmsley count (although if you're unlike me and CAN perform an Elmsley count, you should probably do that version). This isn't one of those effects that only a sleight of hand wizard can execute; just about anyone who can handle playing cards well enough to play games with them could astonish with this effect. The only way an effect could be easier than this is if the spectator did all the work!

it's difficult for me, as an amateur, to think of any real drawbacks a professional might want to be aware of before forking over money for this. There are no angle issues, the reset is fast (even instant if you can perform an Elmsley count), and the effect packs small enough to fit in a pocket. A card does have to be forced, if that's a drawback. (I do personally prefer effects with multiple outs over ones with forces, but the clean manner in which the spelling and lie-detecting phase works, combined with the kicker ending, definitely makes Nothing but the Truth an exception. Of course, the audience cares more about the effect than the method anyway, since in theory they shouldn't even KNOW the method.)

Nothing but the Truth by Cameron Francis