Oil & Water 3.0

Trick by Dominique Duvivier
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Oil & Water 3.0

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Trick by Dominique Duvivier ($16.72 - normally $22.00)

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Oil & Water 3.0 - magic
Oil & Water 3.0 Oil & Water 3.0 Oil & Water 3.0 Oil & Water 3.0 Oil & Water 3.0

A multi-phase Oil & Water routine with a revolutionary climax

The idea of the trick:
The magician shows four red-faced cards and four black-faced cards. He alternates these cards: one red, one black, one red, etc.
Like oil and water do, they separate mysteriously: the red cards gather on one side, the blacks on the other side!
Thanks to the magic, colors mix and separate by themselves...
At each step of the trick, things become more and more impossible.
The climax is incredible: the magician does NOTHING and the magic happens!

If you don't know anything about "Oil & Water":
You will own a mass destruction weapon with this multi-phase routine.

If you already have your own version of this great classic of card magic:
You can complete it by integrating one or several phases.

In every case:
This completely revolutionary climax (no sleight of hands for this phase!) will bring your Oil & Water routine to unsuspected heights!

And importantly:
- Multi-phase routine
- Incredible climax
- Several versions explained (some for the beginner, and/or some for the more advanced cardician)
- Online instructions
- Gimmicked cards printed in Bicycle Rider Back by the U.S. Playing Card Company

Extracts of "Credits and Comments" by Gaetan Bloom
"We have just seen Dominique's wonderful routine, with several phases, a diabolical routine with the famous "Duvivier's touches" which make the whole thing more and more impossible, and finally the cards can be examined.
Dominique gives you new magic, invisible, secret tools in this package. His cards are so ingenious and are only waiting to live new exploits with your own creations. This is how life and ideas are passed on, ideas of improvement and creation. You shake them together knowing that always slowly or quickly oil and water will find their right place for the pleasure of the impossible."


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Not for everyone, but rather an omnibus of Oil and Water methodology. The routine taught is perhaps too long and too repetitive for general consumption, but the enclosed gimmicks in themselves have the potential to inspire those who prefer to innovate rather than to imitate. Can't say much more without giving away information not in the ad copy, but I'd advise beginners and "rote" magicians to stay away, yet suggest that the gimmicks themselves are versatile enough to serve as must-have "utility" props for the cognoscenti.

Oil & Water 3.0 by Dominique Duvivier