On Target

Trick by Sean Taylor
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On Target

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Trick by Sean Taylor ($30.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Wednesday morning
On Target - magic
On Target On Target On Target On Target On Target On Target

On Target by Sean Taylor is as impossible looking as they come!

Your spectator makes every decision, and does all the work BUT amazingly they manage to choose the exact card you want them to!

So what's the effect?

Well, the effect is super simple to follow. Two decks are introduced -- one red and one blue. Your spectator is asked to choose one as the target deck (let's say they choose the red deck). You remove the red deck from its box, spread them on the table to clearly show 52 different cards, and your spectator cuts the deck. They choose one of the halves and start dealing through them FACE UP, stopping on any card they wish (the card is put to the side and the blue deck comes into play). You tell them that you are going to count through the blue cards face up and all they need to do is remember the number that their card appears at in the blue deck. You count all the way though the blue deck but there are only 51 cards!! One card is missing and it is the target card they chose from the other deck. This will get gasps from your audience but now it's time for the kicker. You turn over the card they selected from the red deck and it has a blue back, making your deck complete!

On Target is a self-working masterpiece from Sean Taylor. It's super easy to do, packs one hell of a punch and it all happens in the open and under your spectator's control.

On Target uses no rough and smooth, no sticky and there really are only 51 cards in the second deck -- and their chosen card is genuinely missing.

You will absolutely love performing this. If you're looking for an effect to really fry your spectators, this one is not only On Target but hits the bulls eye!


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  • Kyle asks: How is this not a rip off of Mark Striving’s effect Challenge Name-a-Card? Same plot, same method.

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  • Paul asks: Is the target card different for every performance?

    • 1. Tony answers: The target card is different for every performance
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This trick I had already purchased in mini transport version (2 mini Mazzi Bicycle) and I could not miss this at normal size.
I recommend the purchase, because it is simple to perform, does not need manipulation and has a stunning effect on the public.
Thank you

On Target by Sean Taylor