Photographic Deck Project

Trick by Patrick Redford
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Photographic Deck Project

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Trick by Patrick Redford (From $40.00)

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Photographic Deck Project - magic
Photographic Deck Project Photographic Deck Project Photographic Deck Project

After more than 15 years in production, Patrick Redford is finally ready to introduce his revolutionary Photographic Deck Project to the world.

While there have been other decks using photographs in the past, the Photographic Deck Project takes this concept to entirely new levels. You've never seen anything as versatile as this.The Photographic Deck is made with the working mentalist and magician in mind.

What is the Photographic Deck

The Photographic Deck is a poker-size deck of cards featuring 54 high-resolution photographs which secretly represent a playing card from a standard deck of cards. The organic Photographic System creates a special link between the photos and playing cards that is undetectable to the untrained eye. It is incredibly easy to learn and you'll be able to use the Photographic Deck just minutes after opening it.

Marked Playing Cards

Every card in the Photographic Deck is also marked with a totally unique marking system that only requires you to see one of the four sides on the back design. This allows you to identify the suit and value of any card within a spread, dribble or riffle of the cards.

Integration with any Memorized Stack

Since all 52 playing cards (and the Jokers!) are included, you can use the Photographic Deck with any of your favorite memorized stacks such as Juan Tamariz's Mnemonica, Simon Aronson's Aronson Stack and Patrick Redford's The Redford Stack. Combining a marked deck with a memorized stack is an insanely powerful weapon for any magician or mentalist. Combine that with the fact that your disguising all of this within an innocent stack of photographs and you get a truly devastating tool.

Unlimited Potential

While you can perform virtually any card trick with the Photographic Deck, here are some of the incredible routines you'll get with your purchase:

Photo Reading
A spectator is invited to look at one of the photos and recall a special memory it invokes. You are then able to describe the age the participant is in their memory along with exact details without any fishing or cold reading techniques.

The participant takes five or six photos, shuffles them and thinks of one. These images are then lost back into the deck and the cards are dealt into several piles. You are then able to not only identify the exact pile the participant's photograph is in, but can also divine the exact image they are merely thinking of.

The Cardboard Box Mystery
A participant pictures an item as if it was inside the photograph of an empty cardboard box. Another participant selects a photograph from the balance of the packet. Impossibly, both spectators find they were thinking of the same thing!

Number Prediction
A unique prediction that is only possible with one of the exclusive cards included in the Photographic Deck.

Adjust a photograph of a slot machine to win a second time and watch the photograph drop a handful of coins into real life!

Stab Your Mate
After a photo is removed from the deck and placed face down without anyone seeing it, the magician is able to throw the "Stop Sign" card into the deck and make it land next to the only other photo related to the one that was placed aside in the beginning.

Cardboard Box Secrets
There are some hidden designs that you can take advantage of. But, we don't want to spoil anything. You'll just have to find out for yourself!

You'll get all this and SO MUCH MORE!

Special Expansion Packs Available

There are also two amazing expansion packs available. Select the Photographic Deck Project Set at checkout to receive the Mental Expansion Pack and Magic Expansion Pack. These packs feature a variety of special cards that can help push the limits of this deck even further.


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  • Jed asks: Good afternoon. My photographic deck project arrived with the additional cards. But I received no instructions. How come? Where can I get them? Please let me know. I am excited about getting started with these intriguing new cards. Jed Stone

    • 1. James answers: Check your account:
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  • David asks: Can you get the expansion packs separately?

    • 1. James answers: Not that i am aware of.
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  • John asks: Hi, Are there any difficult sleights involved in the tricked mentioned? Best wishes, John

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Some of the tricks are near self-working, and others will require an intermediate skill set.
  • John asks: Hi, Are the markings a reader system, or code similar to Noc system. Are the marks large enough to be easily recognised.

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