Pick Me

Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic
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Pick Me

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Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic ($39.95)

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Pick Me - magic
Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me

Mickael Chatelain returns with one of his most impressive effects ever. When you read the description below, you might think it's impossible to be this fair. But, it is. This is truly a squeaky clean card magic miracle.

Pick Me starts by taking a ordinary deck of cards, a marker and some stickers out of your pocket. A spectator is invited to sign one of the stickers and then choose a card from the deck. They then make a totally free choice of any playing card (no forcing!). This card is then signed and lost in the deck.

At this point, everything is extremely fair. Nobody (not even you) knows where the card is. The cards are very cleanly put back into their case and closed. In fact, the spectator even takes their signed sticker and seals the case themselves.

All of this is done to ensure the routine is completely fair and there is no way for you to do any tricky manipulation or sleight of hand. The sealed case is then picked up with just your fingertips and placed in your pocket.

You then ask your spectator how long they think it would take you to remove the sticker, take the cards out of the box, find their selected card, put the deck back in the box and seal it again with their sticker—all while it's in your jacket pocket.

Probably pretty long right? It seems almost impossible to do this in less than a minute. Especially since you can't even see the cards.

You then show your empty hand and slowly bring it toward your pocket. When your spectator is ready, you invite them to count as you put your hand in your jacket pocket. Almost immediately, your hand comes back out and a single playing card is held between your thumb and index finger. This happened so fast, your spectator didn't even have a chance to start counting.

Of course, it's not just any card, it's impossibly their signed card.

But, you're not done yet...

You then remove the case from your pocket and hand it to your spectator. They won't believe their eyes when they see it's still safely secured with their signed sticker. They can even shake the box to hear and feel the deck is still inside.

Only after they've verified the box is still sealed, is the sticker taken off and the deck removed to show that it's missing one card—the spectator's signed card. You can even give them the deck of cards as a souvenir because there's nothing to hide.

This is a truly impossible feat of card magic that you need to see to believe. Your audiences will never forget the time you showed them Pick Me.

The diabolical Pick Me gimmick is truly a thing of beauty. It is completely invisible and takes care of all the work for you, making this amazing card trick essentially self-working. It is available in either Red or Blue and can be added to any ordinary deck of Bicycle playing cards.

  • No forces or tricky manipulation
  • The card is really signed and the card box is really sealed with a signed sticker
  • Your hand is in your pocket for less than a second
  • Instant reset with no excess preparation needed

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  • Robert asks: Is ANY sleight of hand, whether simple of complicated, used at any point in the trick?

    • 1. Jim answers: There is some minor manipulation, but I would not personally call it sleight-of-hand. Nor is it self-working.
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  • Paul asks: do you have to have a jacket?

    • 1. Mark answers: No, but a pocket or place (such as a bag) to place the deck would be best.
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