Queen Spirit

Book by John Bannon
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Queen Spirit

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Book by John Bannon (39.95)

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Queen Spirit  - magic
Queen Spirit Queen Spirit Queen Spirit Queen Spirit

Queen Spirit is an incredible new book from John Bannon that proves how less truly is more when it comes to creating practical card magic.

"Superior books seem sculptured to be easily and smoothly understood. While mixing surprise with comprehension, Queen Spirit entertains and delights. Bannon’s engaging ideas and effects immediately invite you to play with and practice them. What else could you want in a book?" Jon Racherbaumer

In the world of card magic, John Bannon is in a class of his own. The fact his name is on the cover is enough for most magicians to add Queen Spirit to their cart. His reputation speaks for itself. And, with Queen Spirit he pushes the boundaries of card magic even further by tackling the idea of minimalist card tricks in a way only John Bannon could.

Queen Spirit is filled with commercial close up card magic that offers the perfect blend of efficiency and impact. Every effect is examined through the lens of the classic Seven-Card Assembly, a super fun and powerful effect that is far too often overlooked by most magicians.

Using this plot as his key example, John offers a series of Ă©tudes investigating theories, problems and solutions surrounding the concept of minimalist card magic. While the Seven-Card Assembly already only uses four Queens and three spot cards, John explores if less is more when it comes to card magic. To understand how low we can go, John parses this esoteric plot and combines its pieces in new and exciting ways.

Seven different revolutionary effects are included in Queen Spirit. Just like you’ve come to expect from John Bannon, these are tightly-constructed effects with all the fat trimmed off. They are all essentially impromptu and can be performed with any deck of playing cards. No difficult sleight of hand required. Perform them alone or combine them to create a powerhouse card magic routine.

This includes a groundbreaking four-card production that you can use to start your card magic set with a bang. There is also an extra special Sixteen-Card Assembly that breaks free from standard formats to be quite possibly one of the best assembly routines you’ll ever perform.

All of the mechanics behind the effects are explained clearly in John’s easy-to-digest conversational style. But, more importantly, John also examines the presentation, theory and method behind the routines so you can truly understand why they leave such a lasting impression on every audience.

Simply put, when it comes to world class card magic, John just “gets it”. And, after reading Queen Spirit, you’ll get it too. Both you and your audience will benefit from you spending time with this accomplished card magic master. Pick up a copy of Queen Spirit by John Bannon today!

"I knew that when one of my favourite magic creators took on one of my pet card magic plots the results would be good, but I couldn't have imagined they would be THIS good! Bannon has brought all his methodological creativity and handling expertise to bear and created some brilliant minimalistic magic that is surprising, fooling and commercial. And I never thought I'd say that about the seven-card assembly! Highly recommended." Mark Elsdon

"Bannon does it again. Queen Spirit perfectly blends rock and roll, the Seven-Card Assembly, and streamlined magic into a fun piece of up close theater. Even if you don't do assemblies, this is a must have if for no other reason than to learn the power of the Discrepant Block Switch." Jeff Stone

"There is literally not a magician alive on Planet Earth that can create magic like John Bannon. His new book, Queen Spirit, is as scintillating and entertaining a read as you'd expect, and further proof that he is a prestidigitation maestro!" Owen Packard

"John Bannon’s Queen Spirit is an enjoyable exploration of the seven card assembly. This beautifully produced hard-back book features several variations on the seven card assembly, each with their own stimulating twist on the theme – any one of which would serve you well. To round it off, John includes a couple of what he calls queen-friendly effects to go with your seven card assembly choice. Highly recommended for lovers of card magic." Charlie Randall


Customer reviews for Queen Spirit



This book goes to show that you’re never too old to learn new tricks and techniques.
The explanations and illustrations are a great tutorial in themselves.
In fact, I bought 2 copies.
The second is my contribution to younger and emerging magicians.
It is a gift for my nephew who, unbeknownst to me until recently, has been bitten by the magic bug (lol).
I know that it will encourage and challenge him to become more proficient.



It’s John Bannon. Buy it. His early books fetch good money and have great material in them. This one is and will be no different.



One word: Yes!



I just love the art work and the page of the new John Bannon books the and the effects will become an amazing hard to find for the next generation of card magicians because they will find it hard to find the key effects in the future. Each effect has that specific mind set that will open your mind to new delight that will make you stand out from other set classic effect.. with John Bannon you get the tips and history and the story behind the doors of his think about good effects you just can not go wrong with this book. That can change your magic to a wonderful new level!



Revision 2022-Nov-14 (#2)

The main point of this review was to quickly echo what the other reviewer stated: a pixelated cover that kind of cheapens the product. Bummer. But looks aside, let's discuss the content:

I've read 43 pages (4 of 8 items in the book) &, after some hesitancy I had regarding the 1st trick, I'd say the content overall is actually quite good--even the 1st trick has grown on me. How Bannon manages to squeeze so much impact out of so few cards is truly remarkable. I will say, however, that 2 of his tricks were previously released to some extent. 1 of them, item 2 in _Queen Spirit_ titled "Queen of my Block", is actually John Carey's "Stealth Assembly" found in Bannon's previous booklet, _Lucky_. Except in this book, 7 cards are used instead of 16, and it's given its own unique, minimalistic presentation. The other already released item, trick 7 of 8 in _Queen Spirit_, is Albert Chou's "Ninja Assembly", which appeared earlier in _Genii Magazine July 2021_. Bannon wrote the column for it & gave credit where due. I'm not sure if this book is of the greatest value if you already know those 2 stunning pieces I've mentioned, but I'm certainly enjoying the journey anyhow & bet you will too.



This book is nicely produced, fun to read, easy to understand. I would have enjoyed more of the kind of content it provided. A very good presentation of clever close-up card trickery.



I absolutely love Mr. Bannon's work. He's thrilled me with his thinking for years. This book arrived today and I can't wait to get into it. 4 stars because the cover image is a bit pixelated/it seems like a Print on Demand product. Not a huge complaint. This little book has a cool vibe and is nicely laid out, just don't expect Vanishing Inc. level production quality here.


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