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Royal Road To Card Magic DVD - magic

If you are seriously interested in learning card magic, there is no better place to start than The Royal Road to Card Magic with R. Paul Wilson.

For more than half a century, Jean Hugard and Fred Braue's landmark book, The Royal Road to Card Magic, has been a touchstone for all who love and endeavor to perform great card magic. Because of its building-block style of teaching sleights followed by tricks that utilize those sleights to reinforce the lesson, it's been called by many the greatest self-instruction book on magic ever written.


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  • Whitt asks: Does the download version have a clickable menu?

    • 1. Jim answers: No.
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  • Garry asks: Hello, Just wondering what is the resolution/quality of the DOWNLOAD? I have seen a sample advertising this title elsewhere and was very low resolution/quality.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The quality is very clear. It was filmed in the 90s so it won't be 4K but the trailer on a site is different resolution compared to the DVD since you're not streaming the DVD.
  • Febrian asks: Is this a physical DVD or a digital download?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's available both as a DVD or a download. On the button that says "select option and add to cart" you can choose which you'd prefer.
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Customer reviews for Royal Road To Card Magic DVD



With a high standard helping hand Paul gave you all you know & some history to is it possible time for you to study one the most important books now you can see and learn the skills and knowledge of cards by one of the United Kingdom card magician's it to go to the next level! Royal Road to cards will gave you that family foundstan you need to know within card magic! Enjoy your studying with



Just watched the first dvd (download) and really learned a lot of stuff. A great way of learning or improving your card magic. The first dvd just covered the de Hand shuffle and the riffle shuffle; although they are basic things, a lot of details given by P. Wilson are really useful. The tricks turn to be more interesting once you watch him perform. I really encourage anyone to get this dvds, no matter your level on card magic.



I had the book and was struggling with the diagrams and descriptions. I picked this up and it was like the Rosetta Stone. Brilliant explanations, clear view of hands at multiple angles, and the trick demonstrations are fun! I'd recommend this for any newbie card magician. Paul Wilson is a scholar and a gentleman for releasing this set of DVDs.



This book is so amazing that when you start reading you can't stop until you have finished the entire book. It teaches so many of the must now basics in magic from the pokers picnic to the controlling cards to the pecking joker. All in one book. I have fooled everybody around me with the help of this book.



My hands...they're a bit sore. Know why? Because I've been up into the wee hours of the morning with these awesome DVDs and my book copy of the Royal Road, learning and practicing. Want to know what's on these DVDs? Crack open the book of the same name and look at the table of contents. That, plus quite a bit of extra (as in not covered in the books) stuff is what you can expect.
Some of the tricks and patter are a little dated, but that's where the card worker's creativity gets brought to the table.
I love these DVDs. I'll probably wear them out.
If you decide to get these, get a copy of the book, too. The pair are indispensable to, and compliment one another.



This is a very good resource and great compliment to the RRCM book. It adds texture to the original material. Paul does a very good job of explaining, and adding insight. The book has only a few illustrations for each explanation. The handling in the video brings the book alive. However, don't rely on this as a stand alone source- get the book.



I should have had this video much sooner. In fact, I should've had the book much sooner, but that's a different story. Paul Wilsom does a great job explaining each move and showing the moves in working material. The sleight of hand goes from simple and gradually increases throughout the series.



This video is the ideal companion to a key part of the canon for any serious student of card magic. R. Paul Wilson does a superb job of teaching all of the fundamentals for which the Royal Road serves as a timeless guidebook. It's worth learning every effect and watching every minute!