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Runaway Joker (2nd Edition)

22.75 usd

Trick by Peter Nardi ($22.75)

Possibly discontinued.
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Runaway Joker (2nd Edition) - magic

A deck of cards is spread face-up, then face-down to show normal cards. The Joker is removed and placed onto the table. A spectator makes a completely free selection and signs their name across the card's face, then cuts her card into the deck several times, ensuring her selection is lost.

The performer retrieves the deck and holds the Joker above the cards. He gives the Joker a little flick and instantly, the printed joker riding his bicycle vanishes from the face of the card, with just the surrounding detail and the word Joker left on the card! This incomplete card is tossed onto the table and examined by the spectator. The performer openly deals down several cards from the top of the deck, showing the joker is gone.

The magician spreads the deck face-down and one card is found to have the missing joker on his bicycle printed on the back! When this card is turned over, it's the spectator's signed selection! Again the spectator examines the card and verifies the joker really is printed on the card.

The performer then retrieves her selection, gives it another flick and the joker vanishes again-this time it's nowhere to be found! The deck is handed out for examination and the signed card may be kept as a souvenir.


  • Full streaming video instructions (which include different handlings suitable to magicians of any skill level) 
  • Specially-printed cards on Bicycle stock.


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