Trick by Ferry De Riemer
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Trick by Ferry De Riemer ($32.50)

In stock - very few available.
Sixpack - magic

Here at Vanishing Inc we love visual magic, and this new effect from Ferry De Riemer is no exception. Solid, visual and incredibly magical with a massive six phases using just one deck! If you think you've seen it all, you haven't seen SIXPACK yet.

The effect goes as follows:

Phase 1:
A blue backed deck of cards are shown. The cards are well mixed. The magician squares the packet, makes a magical gesture and now he shows the deck to be ALL THE SAME card, say all the Queen of Diamonds!

Phase 2:
Maybe that went too fast for the spectators, so he makes another magical gesture and now all the Queens have changed to Three of Spades (for example).

Phase 3:
The magician says this was only possible if he secretly switched the deck and he did! To prove it he now turns the SAME deck face down and all the cards are from a GREEN Bicycle deck!

Phase 4:
Next, he takes one of the Three of Spades and changes it to a RED Bicycle card. But wait... now ALL THE CARDS ARE changed to red.

Phase 5:
Now he freely shows all the red backs. But wait... they have also changed back into all indifferent (normal) cards again.

Phase 6:
Finally the magician takes the blue box but notices the cards are (still) red. So now for the final change he changes the entire deck back into all regular BLUE backed cards.

SIXPACK is a very visual and stunning magic trick with only ONE deck of Bicycle cards.

  • There are NO deck switches
  • Professional gimmick cards
  • Very easy to learn and perform

Includes online video instructions.


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Sixpack by Ferry De Riemer