Skymember Presents Isolated (Red)

Trick by Skymember Presents
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Skymember Presents Isolated (Red)

39.95 usd

Trick by Skymember Presents ($39.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Skymember Presents Isolated (Red) - magic
Skymember Presents Isolated (Red) Skymember Presents Isolated (Red) Skymember Presents Isolated (Red) Skymember Presents Isolated (Red) Skymember Presents Isolated (Red) Skymember Presents Isolated (Red)

Inspired by "The Berglas Effect", better known as the "Holy Grail of Card Magic", "Isolated" is an extremely powerful tool that enables you to perform unbelievable ACAAN routines.

A NOTE FROM VANISHING INC: Please be advised that we have reviewed the instructions for this effect. Although the trailer (which was produced by Skymember Presents) says that the spectator can turn over the card themselves, based on the method used, we would not advise doing this.

"Isolated" unlocks the secret to 3 squeaky-clean and fair ACAAN-style effects. Each one is taught in painstaking detail covering not only the method, but the psychology, patter and routine structure that makes it so effective. It's so much more than a simple trick.

The Any Card at Any Number plot is one of the most intriguing card tricks in all of magic and now you'll get front-row access to a 1-hour masterclass taught by Avi Yap, Ryan Goh and Zach Ng.

This is the first release in Skymember Presents' new PRO SERIES, a special collection of effects dedicated to showcasing the level of thinking that goes into developing a professional quality routine. Have you ever wondered why; when some magicians perform an effect, they seem so professional? Or maybe they always get standing ovations? Or maybe they just have "that special thing"? Have you ever wondered how can YOU overcome these uncertainties? Well, now you can with "Isolated" and the PRO SERIES.

MANUFACTURER'S NOTE: Commercial rights for "Isolated" do not come with your purchase. If you'd like to perform "Isolated" on TV, the internet or any other recorded medium, please contact Skymember Presents.


Customer reviews for Skymember Presents Isolated (Red)



this is a really clever AACAN routine..very deceptive and easy to perform...thank you



Comes with three different routines
The instructional video and routines are well taught
An “impossible” outcome is achieved at the end
A quality gaffed deck

Deck can’t be examined afterwards
Trailer can be misleading as it’s risky for the spectator to reveal their chosen card.

Overall: A very clever ACAAN effect, similar to the mastermind deck.The effect works great with a “poker shoe” which you can purchase cheaply.


Community questions about Skymember Presents Isolated (Red)

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  • Dave asks: So is this a one trick deck?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: yes.
  • Sean asks: is the mini 'shoe' included?

    • 1. Charles answers: I read in the email that, No it is not included.
    • 2. Charles answers: It all stems around putting the deck in a casino dealing shoe (not provided) so that the cards are completely out of your control
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  • Mr J K asks: Does this require high level skills in card manipulation? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope! The deck does most of the work for you.
  • Enrique asks: It is a special deck?

    • 1. Derek answers: To Enrique, yes it is a special deck, and no Brian, this is not the same deck as the Brent Braun method
    • 2. Brian answers: The same as P******* I********* by Brent Braun
    • 3. Derek answers: Brian - You said , and I quote “ Same as P******* I********* by Brent Braun” I figured that you were indicating it was identical in method by that statement, kindly accept my apologies!
    • 4. Brian answers: Derek - I never said it was the same deck !!!!
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  • Rodolfo asks: Commercial rights for "Isolated" do not come with your purchase. Is this for the Pro Series aspect of the "Isolated" performance? That seems really out there for what appears to be a very common, and moderately priced prop that sells for about a third of what it used to decades ago. I must ask how can rights be withheld? Certainly this does not include the gimmick deck many seasoned magicians have created their own custom uses for? Also how many options will there be for the Isolated Deck?

    • 1. Stephen answers: Yea they lost money from me with that line. I'm not gonna buy something to perform in my with covid all our shows are on the internet now. When I buy a secret and a prop it's mine to use in a show.
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  • Bruce asks: Is there a demo video anywhere?

    • 1. Bruce answers: Never mind.
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  • Joachim asks: I asked if there could be more than one possible outcome or is it always the same. read my question in the forum without an answer, than my question vanished. is that the answer?

    • 1. Tony answers: It's a force card so the out come always the same
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