Social Media Wizard

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Social Media Wizard

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Trick by Brad Brown ($7.50 - normally $15.00)

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Social Media Wizard - magic
Social Media Wizard Social Media Wizard Social Media Wizard Social Media Wizard Social Media Wizard Social Media Wizard

***A Selected Card Appears Floating in Front of a Spectator in a Photo on Your Page on Facebook. It's a Fun Routine that Gets You Laughs and Likes!

Social Media Wizard*** is a fun, laugh-filled, audience participation routine with the final reveal happening on your page on Facebook, driving your audience there to increase your online fan base.

It begins when you choose a spectator who will play the part of the magician. You can dress them up for the role, if you like. You take some photos of your volunteer and the audience and post them to your page on Facebook.

A second audience member chooses a card. Your volunteer attempts to read their mind and identify their chosen card. They fail.

You explain that the problem could be that they used up their magical powers when posing for the photo. If that's the case, there should be evidence in the photo. Even though the volunteer saw the photos before they were uploaded, the selected card is now floating in front of your volunteer in the photo on your page on Facebook. Your audience members can use their own devices to visit your Facebook page and see for themselves.

The app does almost all the work for you, making it very simple to perform.

  • The routine can even be performed in situations where you don't have Internet access, by showing the photo in the app on your phone, instead of on Facebook.
  • The app supports any of the standard 52 playing cards, the Joker, or the 5 ESP symbol cards.
  • Purchase of the app authorizes a single Facebook user to install and use the app on as may devices as desired.
  • The app is compatible with all modern Android devices, and iOS version 11.3 or newer. (For iOS, version 12 or higher is recommended.)
  • The app is not available in the normal app stores. Even if a curious audience member suspected an app was involved, they wouldn't be able to find it. It is only available through magic dealers.
  • The app can post photos to any Facebook page you manage. The app cannot upload to profiles or groups.

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    • 1. Tony answers: It's a paper with a code so you can activate a special app
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First, I must confess I got this effect from a competitor, who had it on sale. However, this is a most excellent effect to use with friends & family or otherwise just out walking around, if that’s the type of Magic you do. I myself often wonder why I got into Magic at age 5, since I’m a total introvert & don’t like drawing attention to myself. That aside, the trick does exactly what it promises, and can be a LOT of fun with kids playing the parts and so on.

And a word about support - Brad Brown, the developer, is AWESOME and almost immediately responded to & fixed a concern I had. Great effect, great support - a great buy!