The Faro Shuffle Project

Magic download (video) by Patrick Redford
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The Faro Shuffle Project

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Magic download (video) by Patrick Redford ($29.95)

"The Faro Shuffle Project" by Patrick Redford offers expert instruction on The Faro Shuffle, including multiple powerful card magic routines.

If you've ever wanted to learn the Faro Shuffle, or improve your current Faro Shuffle, then download "The Faro Shuffle Project" today.


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I have relatively poor manual dexterity, compared with professional magicians. Yet, I have been on a quest to learn the Faro Shuffle for quite a while. I bought the "Unshuffled Kicker" a couple of years ago, and wanted to be able to perform such things, but became frustrated that I lacked the capability. Some months later, I decided to seek the written counsel of Ed Marlo, but his "Revolutionary Card Technique" book was sold out here at Vanishing Inc Magic. Therefore, I put it in my Wishlist, and waited for it to become available again. When it did (a month or so ago), I bought it and started reading the famous chapters on Faro Shuffle and Faro Notes. I had purchased some Bicycle Elites and some Phoenix decks from VI, and so I was ready to dive in... but I still failed. Over and over and over, I failed. Marlo's instructions are legendary and surely accurate, but I failed at every one of hundreds of attempts. Always close; never perfect.
Yesterday, I was visiting the VI site, and found that the downloadable video, "The Faro Shuffle Project" was the second-best seller here, and I was intrigued. I purchased it, downloaded it, and this morning I set aside an hour to watch the first parts of it. (Note that the entire video downloads amount to almost 4 hours of instruction!) During those first parts, I gained enough instruction to try again with slightly different technique. And within the first half-dozen attempts, I succeeded at doing two perfect faro shuffles! I am now back on my quest to learn how to reliably do this, and incorporate it into illusions. Since I am also learning Mnemonica from a book by Juan Tamariz, I have quite a journey ahead towards significantly enhancing my abilities to work with cards.
Thanks, Vanishing Inc!
If you are on a similar quest to learn to reliably faro shuffle, then I highly recommend this downloadable video. (Note: If you find, as I did, that the "Download" buttons don't work, then choose the "Play video" buttons, and you'll see another "Download" button on the page with the video playback frame...that button should allow you to save the video files to your computer.)



This was an incredible resource. I have been struggling with the faro shuffle off and on for years. The teaching in this download is very straightforward and easy to follow. He definitely knows his craft and it made the download a pleasure to watch



Very nice. The review of this video sold me and he was right. Like him a bought Juan’s book as wanted to do this shuffle. I also did the in your hands version in a half a dozen tries. I need some practice but I will learn it. The video is so much more. Patrick is a great teacher and is even better at cards. This guy knows his stuff especially the faro. There is a lot of information here and I will have to review this video several times. I am happy I bought this but like the author says I will have to “practice, practice, and practice” a lot to understand and do the faro. Good luck. Thanks.


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  • Andy asks: What is the running time? Does this cover the Table Faro in detail, if so how much detail?

    • 1. David answers: One video is 22:36. The other is 3:18:24. A lot, in my opinion.
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