The Secrets of So Sato

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Book by Richard Kaufman and So Sato ($60.00)

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The Secrets of So Sato - magic
The Secrets of So Sato The Secrets of So Sato

So Sato is the amazing card man whose books published in Japan sold out almost immediately. He has somehow remained a complete mystery to those in the west. So Sato is reluctantly explaining 35 of his most devious creations with playing cards in his first English book... his secrets are out! A remarkable mix of difficult sleight of hand and self-working routines in one book that will devastate any audience.


  • Magic Slap
  • Shrink Vanish
  • Reverse Highlight
  • The Turnover Half Pass
  • Another "All Backs"
  • Bath Towel Mentalism
  • Lucky Number Poker
  • Lateral Thinking Assembly
  • Mote-Monte
  • Three to One
  • So-Lution 1
  • So-Lution 2
  • The Professor Still Fools Us
  • You Can Count on Dr. Daley
  • Love a Dove Dove
  • Yin Yang Divide
  • Warp Wrap
  • Bushfire Triumph
  • Mass Destruction Stacking
  • Poker Demon-Stration
  • Poker Demon-Stration Plus
  • Quartet Shuffle
  • Destroy and Search
  • Kyoto "Okiniiri" Prediction
  • Blue Print
  • Zen Derby
  • Mimic Show
  • Amnesia
  • Amnesia Lite
  • Elevator Action
  • Pick Pocket Lesson
  • Worker Bee "Collectors"
  • Love a Dove Dove Plus
  • Outsourcing Sandwich
  • Bushfire Triumph Ver. 1.5
  • Acrobat Leader

Includes hardback book and performance DVD


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    Customer reviews for The Secrets of So Sato



    This book is really good! There are some ideas that worth the price of the book, personally I loved the Mass Destruction Stacking (a way to retain part of your stack while four or more spectators shuffle the deck. No, you don't have to palm, steal or add anything). Also, the Mimic Show is something to consider, is a pretty nice false display. If you like the chaotic style, the Bushfire Triumph is for you, this doesn't fit my performance style, but I have to admit that looks great!

    In conclusion, this is a good book, there are some ideas worth reading, practicing and performing.



    So Sato is my most recent card inspiration. The way he presents and his moves are so natural. A modern day genius!