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The Session DVD

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DVD by The Session ($43.00)

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The Session DVD - magic
The Session DVD The Session DVD

What goes on at The Session stays at The Session ... AND on this DVD!

The Session is a yearly event in the UK that attracts some of the most respected magicians from all over the world. While organisers Andi Gladwin and Rob James invite some big name magicians to perform and lecture at the event, attendees always agree that to really get the feel of the convention you need to witness the magic that happens in the early hours of the morning on the hotel lobby floor.

In 2007, for the first and only time, Alakazam Magic brought the atmosphere of The Session from the hotel lobby straight to your living room. Amongst many other big names, you'll get to witness Allan Ackerman get busy with a deck of cards, James Brown fool everyone into a tizzy with his fantastic pick pocketing and even Robert Moreland get dizzy in the hotel lobby! It's the next best thing to being at The Session!


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Paul Joel Bernard

This DVD was real good and fun.

My highlights were Morelands 'Elevator Aces', Ackermans 'Twising the Maxi Twist' and the great move that Jon Armstrong was shown by Chad Long, I think they ended up calling it on the dvd a really cool and original name... 'Versatile Sandwich Move' LOL.

It was also fun to see that other guy... I think his name was Olive Feast or Feasting, no, wait.. Meal.. Olly Mealing, lol... yeah funny to see him get fooled but cut and restored rope! It was a fun journey.

If you have some spare cash, and this looks good to you, then buy it.

The Session DVD by The Session