Unshuffled Kicker

Trick by Paul Gertner
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Unshuffled Kicker

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Trick by Paul Gertner ($17.50 - normally $35.00)

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Unshuffled Kicker - magic
Unshuffled Kicker Unshuffled Kicker Unshuffled Kicker Unshuffled Kicker Unshuffled Kicker Unshuffled Kicker

More than thirty years ago Paul Gertner developed "Unshuffled," one of the most memorable and influential routines EVER devised with a pack of cards. Thirty years later (and fresh off of fooling Penn & Teller), Paul is releasing the ultimate and FAR SUPERIOR version, which we call "Unshuffled Kicker." This is now the definitive version of this classic routine (and a GREAT resource to learn the Faro shuffle).

The effect begins just like the original "Unshuffled": a selected card is found by "unshuffling" the deck. Strange markings on the side of the deck slowly align to form the word "Unshuffled" written in sharpie on the edges of the cards. To end, the entire deck goes back into numerical order, culminating with the transformation of the word on the side of the deck, from "Unshuffled" to the selected "King of Hearts."

The NEW ending is that the message on the side of the deck changes YET AGAIN to a message of your choosing. Paul used "Penn and Teller" for the wording on the side of the deck. You can make your own name appear, or any slogan or number or design you wish.

The new ending can be added on to any deck design you wish, and is extremely easy to integrate into the "Unshuffled" routine. You receive full instructions on how to perform the classic "Unshuffled," as well as all the details for the new, outrageous ending for "Unshuffled Kicker."


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  • Scott asks: Looks like it requires being able to do several Faro shuffles. True?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: True.
  • Madiyar asks: Hi. Can i adapt this deck for Russian language?

    • 1. Roger answers: Yes, you can.
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    • 1. Jim answers: Yes.
    • 2. Kyle answers: Jim, where is it available as a download? Because VI does not have that option.
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Customer reviews for Unshuffled Kicker



Exactly what I was looking for my routine. I appreciated the great teaching and the explanation of all the nuances that Paul brought to Penn and Teller Fool Us. Even the details of preparing the cards so they last and show well. I'm so happy with this purchase and I'm glad Paul is willing to share this with others.



This is...incredible. Clever, very unique, and customizable, so anything you can think of writing on the cards is possible! Paul Gertner teaches his handling for the original Unshuffled and adds the kicker along with it for an incredible final effect in the routine. I've used Unshuffled for years and will now most definitely be adding the Unshuffled Kicker to my repertoire!



This is really good. It's a classic routine. You will need to be able to do the perfect faro shuffle. I have been practicing for a few days and I am finally getting it down. It really makes you want to learn the perfect faro, because this is something that you are going to want to perform.



Unshuffled, is one of my all time favorite card routines. Its fun, interesting, and entertains layman and magicians alike. The kicker ending is a really cool twist, and makes this a lot of fun to perform. I highly recommend it to anyone willing to put in the time.



Really good, the DVD explains everything you need to know and how to do the trick. It allows you to personalise your card trick pretty easy and is an amazing effect that left my friends pretty shocked after performing it to them.



A great card trick, over an hour of video play time, it states with the pen and teller show, then he goes into detailed instructions explaning the different set ups, and routines that you can do. i suggest, watch the video to the end first, as there are more than one set you can do, deppending on which one you will do, will have different writting on the side of the deck set up, it comes with a very good quality gimmick, again watch the video before you start tampering with the gimmick.
It is designed for a parlour performance, not for close up.
You can even request for paul to make a custome deck. WoW.



The follow up to one of the great card effects of modern times, Unshuffled is already a stunning routine but to have the writing change one more time takes it to a whole new level. The gimmick you get is small and works well (don't expect this thing to fall apart after a few uses), and will help you add that extra 10% that'll set you apart from any other magicians doing the same routine.

However, I have docked a star as you won't be able to perform this in every circumstance, Paul uses a rather complex set up for his fool us performance that only really works in a close up/oarlour show rather than a walk around situation, and I'd be weary of showing the gimmick too close to people. But if you want to use this in a show, it is good enough to fool Penn and Teller, your audiences won't have a chance.

Unshuffled Kicker by Paul Gertner