Coin Melody

Magic download (video) by Troy Hooser
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Coin Melody

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Troy Hooser ($12.00)

To commemorate the release of Troy Hooser's two-book set, we're now releasing an unpublished effect via instant download: Coin Melody. This is not a coin trick, but instead a ROUTINE with a stunning beginning, middle and end. This routine will make you want to follow along instantly, and we encourage you to do so. It's a "soft" routine that requires a light touch, but no fussy moves or palms.

Note: requires a shell coin, which we sell in many currencies.

Running time: 14 minutes, 28 seconds.


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There is good news and bad news for this effect. The good news is it's an excellent effect that is well within the grasp of the intermediate coin handler. Since the effect is performed chest height you can perform for 2 or 200. I also like how it is performed with "barebones" patter allowing the magician to tailor the presentation to suit his or her needs. I have had the privilege of meeting Mr. Hooser, and watch him perform what looks like real magic. Now the bad news: To quote Mr Josh Jay, "Everything looks better in Troy's hands." Mr. Hooser has a softness to his magic that will take quite some time to develop. At the risk of being cliché, the softness is the real secret to Mr. Hooser's magic. Give this effect the respect it deserves, and learn it thoroughly. You will then have an elegant piece of magic you can carry with you wherever you go. Personally I hope no one else learns this effect so I can have it all to myself.



Amazing. Great routine. Just what you would expect from Troy.





Real worker and smooth as silk.



This is a well explained routine; Troy has done very well showing the moves with the video. I feel I can do this with a fair amount of practice. I give it five stars



Troy Hooser has always been influential in the area of coin magic. This stand-up and chest height coin routine, something he became famous of, is very visual and fun. It is well thought of and combines the popular routines in the field of coins: Coin production, visual coins across, jumping coins from pocket, and vanishes. It takes time to get over some moves, but if you're an intermediate coin handler, you would absorb the routine immediately. Great work, Troy!

Coin Melody by Troy Hooser