Face Test

Magic download (video) by Tyler Twombly
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Face Test

18.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Tyler Twombly ($18.00)

As seen on Season 7 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, "Face Test" by Tyler Twombly is an extensive 1.5-hour tutorial that teaches how to use a strong psychological principle known as "The Thatcher Effect" to transform portraits of real people from accurate to otherworldly simply by turning the photo in your hands. This is optical illusion and magic combined in a new and unique way.

You will learn:

  • The "Framed" trick, in which a face transforms slowly as it is rotated in your hands. No visible moves and completely self-working. Perfect for social media, TV appearances, and parlor.
  • Every single detail of the exact routine performed on Season 7 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Learn the 3 easy (and practically invisible) moves that will allow you to transform multiple portraits right before your audience's eyes. By the time you reveal the transformations, the work is done, and you can focus on PRESENTATION.


  • Detailed Photoshop and Gimp tutorial for creating your own customized faces
  • Detailed, clear visual explanations of all methods used to create and utilize the gimmicks to maximum effect
  • READY-TO-PRINT Face Library so you can get to performing without having to use any photo manipulation program


  • NO magnets
  • NO threads
  • NO palming
  • Uses easily obtainable supplies you can get at any craft store


  • Visually pull a real 3D moon out of the sky!


  • A love of psychology and magic
  • Practice
  • Positive mental attitude (PMA)

Customer reviews for Face Test



Tyler's Face Test is a home run on so many levels.

Face Test might be the best presented, explained, produced magic explainer I have seen in a long time. Very direct, clear and filled with bonus insights. All of the many methods taught in Face Test can be applied in many different ways outside of what Tyler teaches you.

One thing to note is that this is for DIY lovers. There are arts and crafts involved; I enjoy these kinds of tricks because you can throw your flavour (Canadian spelling) into the effect.

If you are a fan of psychology and magic, this is a no-brainer - you should pick it up. Tyler takes a deep dive into the artistic principle applied on Face Test and how you can edit your photos for free or in photoshop. You aren't getting one routine either but many, and each routine will make your creative juices run wild.

There is so much to learn in this digital download, not just the effect itself but also digital art principles, psychology, crafty mechanics, and choreography. My biggest takeaway is the production value and clarity. Tyler doesn't waste your time with fluff statements or ramblings - he keeps it direct and entertaining!

I give this 11/10. Spinal Tap approved.



I just love this!!!! It is a brilliant effect to include in a virtual or physical act. Really easy to make and well explained.


Community questions about Face Test

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  • ALAN asks: I don't really understand what you get with this? Is it all downloaded material? Is anything actually shipped to me? Thank you!

    • 1. Tyler answers: Hey Alan, Thanks for your question! This is a digital-only product that you download. You get the 1.5 hr instructional video PLUS a zip file that includes a library of royalty-free pre-made faces and TEMPLATES so you can make your own custom faces if you choose to. -Tyler
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  • Daniel asks: Would it be possible to build a pocket version of this? like something to fit in a wallet or at least a front pants pocket?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's possible but I think you would want it in the size described in the video ideally.
  • asks: Can it be performed close up or it is only for stage shows?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes you can use it in close-up
  • Corey asks: Would this work to create a horror effect similar to haunted house photos that change? I would like to use this to make photos go from normal to "spooky".

    • 1. Ivan answers: Yes, if you don't mind some DIY/Photoshop work.
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