Magic download (video) by ADE RAHMAT
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5.00 usd

Magic download (video) by ADE RAHMAT ($5.00)

Visually and impossibly transform a can of soda right in front of your spectator's eyes!

IMPODRINK is a new visual masterpiece from Ade Rahmat and Dark Art.

If you liked Vending Machine from Sansminds or Pop Change from Julio Montoro, then you're going to LOVE IMPODRINK. This amazing magic trick uses a new and innovative method that truly makes it stand out. It's super easy to make and even easier to perform!

  • Extremely easy to perform (can even be done with one hand)
  • Incredibly visual
  • Super easy to make
  • NO Threads, NO Magnets, NO Sleeves

IMPODRINK is the perfect magic trick for social media or virtual magic shows.

Download today and start performing right away!


Customer reviews for IMPODRINK



This is unique. I thought watching the trailer I had a good idea of how this worked. I mean they are all wearing black shirts... So i figured I learn the same new technique on an older idea. I was very wrong. Totally worth the $5.00 bucks-- just for the idea alone-- I can see this inspiring other ideas for you. This is great for Instagram or video. I can see this working stage if you a literally on a stage. Angles are not good enough for street or close up magic (obviously my opinion) and you end dirty-- again doesn't matter in stage. Definitely an overlooked idea!





I could not figure this or create this in a million years. What a genius idea. This is definitely going in my summer set with some hard seltzer. You could even make this a mentalism effect by changing it into a thought of drink.



This method is incredible. You need to get this right now if you have the money. It will be perfect for your virtual shows. This is also incredible for social media. This is definitely a hidden gem. This is incredible for the price. There is not enough good things I can say about it.



Love Vanishing Inc, this is the first purchase from them I've been disappointed by. But it's awful.

The construction of the gimmick is incredibly labor intensive. Even the person demonstrating it in the download sees to be having a difficult time, and he, presumably, is an expert at it. To assume a layman could construct this is just preposterous.

Does nothing to diminish my love of Vanishing Inc, I look forward to continue spending my money here above any and all other magic outlets. I just don't want anyone else to get taken in by this. The $5 price is attractive, but I feel the majority of folks would rather pay $50 to be mailed the gimmick.



It is not possible to build this thing. The force is way to strong.
Please do not buy this product.


Community questions about IMPODRINK

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  • Juan asks: Maybe the obvious question: Do you end clean? If not, how easy is it to clean up? Also would be good to know if it only works with those skinny cans or can you use a standard can? Finally, how lengthy is the set up? Can a can be set up and be left in a case or backpack for a while before performance?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You cannot hand out the gimmicked can for examination, so you would need to do a switch if you wanted to do that. You might be able to use standard cans but we don't know for sure as we have not tried. Once you have made the gimmick the setup only takes a few seconds but you cannot leave it set up for long.
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