M.O.Ring Plus

Magic download (video) by Sultan Orazaly
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M.O.Ring Plus

9.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Sultan Orazaly ($9.95)

Magicians are constantly looking for simple and practical methods. This is a very visual and practical disappearance of a ring. You can borrow a ring from the viewer. Preparation takes only a minute. Having learned this technique, you will replenish your arsenal with another visual trick. This technique has been tested over the years and has surprised hundreds of people.

"Very cool! I love the concept of this."

  • Shin Lim

Download the video and learn this great technique!


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The only thing that bothers mr, is that my young nephew and niece (10 and 12) watched the vid of this trick and the Rap song using the "F" bomb I feel in inappropriate for them to hear. That really surprised me, that such a reputable magic shop would allow this.


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