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Magic download (video) by Ebby Tones
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Press Button

8.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Ebby Tones ($8.00)

A visually stunning solid-thru-solid effect where a button is impossibly moved around your shirt!

Watch the trailer to see it in action.

The audience can check the buttons before and after to see that they are really stitched.

Press Button is easy to do and is a practical effect with a fast setup.

NO magnets. NO string. NO sticky stuff.

Download now to uncover the secret!


Customer reviews for Press Button



This button is a great bit off fun, the DIY is very essy to do, a few cross stitches and a few more things to do, most house holds will have the other bits to prep this gimmick button, and to gimmick the top prior to doing this trick,
The video is very easy to follow, it is subtitles only, but it is very well explained,
It is so easy, once you no the secret.
So easy, so cool, good fun.



very clever. so simple to make and perform. totally worth 8 bucks. Ive spent alot more and been disappointed.


Einar Aron

Love this idea!
I love that I can exchange the button for what ever type of button I need. The trick is easily learned and prepared and the best of it is I can almost forget that I have a trick on me, it's just there, on my coat, vest or whatever I'm wearing.


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  • David Andrè asks: Can it be done with any clothing that has a button or does it have to be a vest of some sort?

    • 1. Garry answers: You can use any top with this button, trick. as long as the top you will be wearing is not too thin, as you have to do a bit off easy DIY, including a few cross stitches, which is very easy to do, and a couple off other bits first, that most people would have in there house hold, for the top that you want to do this on, you can use a shirt, a waist coat, a coat, you could do this with a T shirt, because the illusion is done on the top you will be wearing, and it will look more fun having a button move around on a T shirt, in my oppinion.
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