R Linking

Magic download (video) by ziv
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R Linking

6.00 usd

Magic download (video) by ziv ($6.00)

Beautiful, visual and quick rubber band magic!

R Linking is an easy-to-make gimmick that allows you to impossibly link two rubber bands, or even link a rubber band to a ring.

The visual of this effect is truly jaw-dropping and is sure to leave a lasting impact.

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Customer reviews for R Linking



I just watched a five minute video showing the performance and how to make the gimmick for this trick. He moves quickly and never speaks. He makes almost no effort to properly explain the trick. Imagine trying to learn "the crazy man's handcuffs" from a silent guy who won't slow down enough. The worst part, though, is the plodding piano music that plays throughout. I have a headache now from enduring it. I only listened because I was hoping he would speak at some point. I will never watch this video with sound ever again. I'm a bit upset because I still don't know how to do the trick I bought. This magician owes me an apology.



I'm not quite sure what the 5-star negative review is talking about. The method is simple and uses a material that is easily obtained online or at a reasonably stocked craft store. The demonstration is clear, the music is forgettable, turn down the volume. The method is effective and clever and is angle proof. There is no deception in the demo video it will look exactly like this in person. The gimmick is hidden by the fingers and would not be easily detected. Yes, it could be awkward to set up the trick. It would be best as an opener or reaching into a pocket to set up may be doable. As two things are visibly linked a band has to be cut to unlink them. Once cut everything would be examinable. To say more would give away too much of the method.



This is a very clever and original method and not at all what I imagined. You have to buy a special material and some "arts and crafts" work is needed, but nothing difficult or expensive (though you do need quite good eyesight, and the bands are not examinable at the end). Instructions are silent but clear. The main problem is how to get into it when performing, which is not explained. Probably good for social media and with a bit of thought maybe also live. So I'd say 4 stars, mainly because I like the method.


Einar Aron

The method is simple and is taught well. R Linking works GREAT for video but I think it's really awkward performing this in public as you have to set the trick up just for that trick and then you put the rubber bands away.


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