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Magic download (video) by Josh Janousky
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The Vault - IG

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Magic download (video) by Josh Janousky (9.95)

Here's an incredible prediction effect using the spectator's own phone and their own Instagram app!

Get the entire audience to interact, gain new followers, and foresee the future using Instagram. A participant opens her Instagram app to find an impossible revelation. Your Instagram post - shared several months earlier - perfectly predicts the participant's previously chosen card. But it doesn't end there... the best stuff is in the post description: it incredibly contains HER name and a description of what she is wearing AT THAT VERY MOMENT! Remember, this was all posted MONTHS IN ADVANCE.

IG is a new utility for social media magic. Without using any special apps, you have the ability to reveal anything: playing cards, names, outfits, and more. IG doesn't require any stooges, assistants, or pre-show, and it all takes place on the legitimate Instagram app. Download the video now for immediate learning!

"Josh is a really interesting cat! His ideas are fresh, unique, and you can tell he really thinks about what he is doing."
- Peter Turner

"IG is a simple yet highly effective pocket prediction system. You'd have to be antisocial not to love this!"
- Michael Murray

"Clever antics using multiple phases and revelations through a social media platform. And it uses my favorite tool... intimacy!"
- Bobby Motta


Customer reviews for The Vault - IG



IG by Josh Janousky is a great way to gain more likes and follows on your Instagram account! The teaching is precise and direct, making it easy to add to your routine in no time!

I can already see other applications of this that I could use and will be adapting so I have a similar version on my personal IG account as well as my magic/business IG account, this way you can get followers/likes on either depending on the venue or situation.

This could definitely be a closer or a very strong effect for any social setting, party, bar or restaurant. Josh shares ways to promote the venue and leave the participant with a souvenir as well. Thanks Josh!



I love this!!!

I purchased IG last night and watched the 10-minute instructional video right away.

Yes... it is only 10 minutes, but in the case of IG, it is actually a perfect length for the download. Josh covers everything really well from how to set up your post on Instagram to executing the card reveal and the name/clothing reveal.

This is a very simple effect (plot and method wise), but it will get amazing reactions and obviously has the great justification for getting people onto your Instagram account and building your following. I will definitely be performing this on my magic Instagram account (@AriMagician).

Highly recommended! Great work, Josh.

- Ari



I'm gonna say this right off the bat, you will know this method before you buy the download. The way you reach that ending is what you are taught in the download. The only reason to get the download is to learn all the subtleties which can really make the trick better. If you like the trailer you should get this.



I have mixed feelings about this. The method was incredibly underwhelming but it is a fun effect to perform and has great reactions. If you know how to use Instagram you know how this is done. If you buy it you are paying for ways to reach that ending and ways to find out what to put in the caption. The card is also easy to figure out if you have done magic before.


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